What is the difference between a diamond and a brilliant?

Brilliant and diamond are two terms that are often used interchangeably. And yet, they are not synonyms. Diamond is the name of a precious stone, whereas brilliant is the name for a cut shape.  Brilliant is, in fact, the abbreviation for ‘brilliant cut’, a way of cutting that contributes to the appearance and light reflection qualities of a diamond. The ‘cut’ or ‘cut quality’ of a diamond is one of the 4 C’s, used to represent a diamond’s quality. Let us take a closer look at the brilliant.

A well cut diamond has a higher reflection. A brilliant cut diamond, which has been cut in 57 facets, has a more intense brilliance and attractiveness because of this. Indeed: of all diamond shapes, a brilliant will shine the brightest, making it a sought after center stone for engagement rings. BAUNAT, too, has an extensive collection of engagement rings set with a brilliant cut diamond.

The cut quality of a diamond refers to the proportions, symmetry and polish of a diamond. Therefore, it is one of your diamond’s most important characteristics. Your diamond should not be cut too deep or too shallow; to make sure the light can enter the diamond through its crown and can be reflected again, to the highest extent possible. Diamond shapes other than the standard round cut are called ‘fancy cuts’. The most well-known shapes are the marquise, the pear, the oval, the heart and the emerald cut.

But if the brilliant has the most beautiful sparkle, why would somebody choose a different cut shape? The marquise cut, for example, is one of the 6 ways to make your diamond appear larger. After all, larger diamonds come with a price tag. Others opt for the originality a different cut, compared to the more classic brilliant.      

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