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How can I buy a ring that fits her perfectly?

  • How can I secretly measure her ring size?
  • How do I go about measuring her finger?
  • When is the best time to take her measurements?

Buying a diamond or gold ring is a beautiful way of showing her your love, but it is no easy feat. Even if you know which women rings she loves and have thought of a detailed design, you still need to figure out her ring size. How can I do this without her noticing? What if she does not know her ring size herself?

How can I secretly measure her ring size?

What if I would like to surprise her with a gold or diamond ring? How can I buy a diamond ring as an investment that fits her like a glove as well? There are various ways to find out her ring size in secret. The best way is to borrow a ring from her jewellery box of which you are sure it fits her perfectly. Place it on a piece of paper and trace the inside of the ring with a pencil. Using a ruler, you can then measure the diameter. With this approach, a certain margin of error is possible, as it is often difficult to determine the widest point of the circle or because a ring is seldom perfectly round.

The easiest way to buy the right-sized ring is by using the BAUNAT app for iPhone. Place your borrowed ring on the screen and adjust the circle until it aligns with the inner outline of the ring. This way, you can be sure that your surprise will fit her like a glove.

How do I go about measuring her finger?

Does she know you are planning to buy her a new ring? This makes matters a lot easier. You can measure her finger easily using BAUNAT’s free synthetic ring sizer or by downloading our paper version. This method results in a reliable measurement and you will be sure you are using the correct measurement unit. If you are unsure about the accuracy of your measurements, you can always have the ring size measured professionally at BAUNAT.

You do not buy a gold or diamond ring every day. With a professional measurement, your ring will undoubtedly be the ideal size.

When is the best time to take her measurements?

When should I measure her finger? Which time of day is perfect for a professional measurement? It is best to measure the circumference of her finger in the evening. By the end of the day, her fingers will be warmer, resulting in a larger circumference than at other moments. The difference may not be visible to the naked eye, but it will make a difference regarding ring size.

How can I buy the perfect gold ring for her? Which diamond ring suits here style? Discover BAUNAT’s extensive collection or contact our diamond experts for a tailor made jewel

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