A setting is the base of most pieces of jewellery that carry gems and diamonds, as it is used to hold a stone firmly in place. Today there are many settings to choose from, and depending on the stone and the design, one setting may be better than the other. One setting that is not as common, is the fishtail setting, but it is truly unique and a perfect setting for a ring covered in diamonds.

  • The 3 most popular settings
  • The fishtail setting

The 3 most popular settings

The three most popular settings today are the prong, the bezel and the pave settings:

The prong setting is an all-time classic. It is composed of small durable prongs or claws, that tightly hold the girdle of the stone. This type of setting is popular because it is barely visible and it allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the diamond.

The bezel setting is a thin slice of metal that surrounds the outside of the stone entirely, making it the most secure setting that is available out there. Another advantage is that the bezel can enhance the appearance of a diamond and can also make it look larger than it is.

The pave setting is a setting ideal for particularly small stones. It is a continuous line of sparkling diamonds that are held with tiny prongs and set tightly one next to the other. It is very popular to complement a centre stone or on an eternity ring.

The fishtail setting

The fishtail setting, compared to the settings mentioned above, is unfortunately not as known as it should be although it has been around for many years. It is the perfect example of the amazing craftsmanship that is required to create this intricate setting and to set the diamonds in it.

The basis of the fishtail setting style is two small, but secure beads and two “pushed-over” sections of metal on the girdle of the diamond. And the particularity is that the diamonds are set very low in the metal that is shaped like delicate fishtails when seen from above.

It is an extremely secure setting for rows of diamonds but it is also very elegant giving the diamond ring a sophisticated look.

BAUNAT has a wonderful collection of diamond rings that use various settings, from prongs to bezels and half-bezels and also a few stunning diamond rings that are set using the fishtail design.

Whether you like white, yellow or red gold or even platinum, at BAUNAT we offer a beautiful selection of designer and classic jewellery.

Frequently asked Questions

What is a castle setting?

A castle setting is a type of diamond setting which is similar to pavé, but with the difference that the small diamonds are visible from the side as well. This pattern looks from the side like the battlements of a castle, hence the name.

What exactly is a cathedral setting?

The cathedral setting has curved lines, allowing the diamond to stand out proud above the ring. The setting resembles a Gothic cathedral with metal arches holding the stones in place. The difference in height accentuates the centre stone, and the diamond appears larger. The cathedral setting is mostly used for round brilliants and the more square shapes such as princess cut and cushion cut.

What is a channel setting?

The channel setting keeps smaller diamonds in place with two precious metal rails, referred to as channels. This results in an even surface, with the right brilliance for a diamond ring, but can also easily be combined with other rings.

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