• How important is buying a diamond for millennials?
  • Which opinion counts when choosing the diamond?
  • Where do millennials go when buying a diamond?

Diamond jewellery is also popular with ‘generation Y’. In fact: diamond jewellery is in the top 3 of their favourite gifts. Are you a millennial? Or are you looking for an appropriate gift for a millennial? Read this message and find the perfect diamond jewellery in our extensive range

How important is buying a diamond for millennials?

Diamonds are a millennial’s best friend - this is evident from recent research. Did you know that millennials attach more importance to buying a diamond compared to the previous generation? More than 70% of millennials feel a ring should always be finished off with a diamond. And then we’re not exclusively talking about an engagement ring or wedding ring. Quite the contrary, in fact!

Millennials who aren’t engaged or married are now increasingly buying a diamond for themselves. A unique stone for a unique self-expression.

Which opinion counts when choosing a diamond?

One important characteristic of the millennial is the importance which is attached to relationships and networks. Strong friendships and good family ties prevail. We have therefore also noticed that these personal networks influence the choice when buying a diamond. But the authenticity, exclusivity and sustainability also play an important role.

And what could be more unique than a diamond? There are no 2 identical stones anywhere. Plus a diamond and a piece of diamond jewellery is the result of pure craftsmanship, often passed down from father to son. So no mass production.

Where do millennials go when buying a diamond?

Strong digital communication is essential for reaching millennials. But it must be a communication strategy which offers the possibility of developing a personal relationship. No less than 68% of the millennials expect a seamless shop experience between the various media and channels.

All communication channels which form part of our daily lives are therefore also used by them when buying a diamond. That’s why you will find BAUNAT on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and you can chat with us if you have any additional questions.


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