• Where does the word ‘sapphire’ come from?
  • Where does a sapphire’s blue colour come from?
  • What does a sapphire cost?

Did you know that each gemstone is associated with a specific month? Each gemstone is also attributed certain characteristics and symbolism. The noble sapphire belongs to the month of September. So an ideal engagement ring if your loved one was born in September, or if you are planning to ask her to marry you in September. Plus the stone is a symbol for happiness, virtue, holiness and wisdom.

Where does the word ‘sapphire’ come from?

Contrary to popular belief, a sapphire can have all sorts of different colours. Blue is, of course, the best known and most popular colour. The name was supposedly derived from Greek word sappheiros or the Latin word sapphirus, which both basically mean ‘blue stone’. A reflection of the blue sea and the blue sky.

After all, in Ancient Persia people thought the earth rested on a gigantic sapphire and that the sky was blue as a result of the reflection of the light. Opting for an engagement ring with a sapphire will therefore be a heavenly gift for your loved one.

Where does the sapphire’s blue colour come from?

Did you know Charles gave Lady Di an engagement ring with a sapphire? This ring, which Kate Middleton now wears, is therefore included on our list of the 5 most iconic engagement rings ever. But where does the sapphire’s extraordinarily beautiful blue colour come from? The stone’s colour is down to the presence of iron in the mineral.

Sapphires with a green or grey appearance are less in demand. They are generally reclaimed anywhere in the world, but the blue gemstones from Burma, Sri Lanka and Kashmir in India are the most expensive and therefore go for record amounts at auctions.

What does a sapphire cost?

The increased demand for sapphire has resulted in a value and price increase. It’s therefore certainly not one of the cheapest gemstones. The royal interest will undoubtedly also have something to do with this. Lady Di wasn’t the only one to wear an engagement ring with a sapphire. Blue radiates power and wealth, which is why the stone has been popular in royal and spiritual circles since the Middle Ages e.g. in the form of sapphire earrings.

The largest sapphire ever found to date was called the ‘Star of Adam’ by its new owner and is supposedly worth up to 160 million euro.

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