Today, engagement rings are considered a symbol of engagement, worn outwardly for everyone to see. The tradition of the engagement ring is thousands of years old and has a long history that has been subject to constant change over time. Find out who wears an engagement ring and what the reason is.

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Engagement ring for him and her  - A simple engagement ring for him, an engagement ring with diamonds for her

Who used to wear an engagement ring and what did it mean?

Already in ancient times, at the time of the ancient Romans and Greeks, the future bride was put on an engagement ring before the wedding. This had a very unemotional meaning; it confirmed that the dowry for the wedding had arrived at the groom. Only the woman wore this ring. Since it had no romantic background, it was made of simple iron, without diamonds or precious stones.

Up until the 20th century, it was common for women only to wear an engagement ring. Over the centuries, the simple iron ring became a real piece of jewellery, often made of gold and set with precious stones as a sign of recognition and love, but always only for her.
Engagement ring for him and her  - A simple engagement ring for him, an engagement ring with diamonds for her
This changed around the turn of the century, and the rings became simpler again. From then on, it was customary for fiancées to buy their engagement rings for both of them immediately after the engagement. These were also used as wedding rings. Additional rings were no longer used. This development was also due to the economic turmoil of the time.

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When did the change to the current form of engagement rings come about?

After the end of the Second World War and through large-scale marketing campaigns first in the USA and then worldwide, it was above all the legendary diamond company De Beers that established the diamond engagement ring as an engagement gift.

To this day, the diamond engagement ring worn by women is considered the great symbol of engagement.

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Who wears an engagement ring?   - A man puts a diamond engagement ring on the finger of his loved one.

Who wears the engagement ring today and for what reasons?

In recent decades, old conventions and traditions have been increasingly pushed into the background. Anything is allowed. Whether modern and unusual designs, the combination of different materials, engagement rings for men or both partners, an engagement necklace or an engagement bracelet instead of a ring, the selection has become more diverse. In addition, more and more men want to show their commitment by wearing a ring even before the wedding.

In summary: Those who do not prefer a certain variant of engagement ring for cultural or religious reasons have a free choice. Whether it is going to be a diamond ring for her and none for him, diamond rings for both or engagement rings that also serve as wedding rings, the important thing is that you arehappy with your choice.
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