• The ring carrier is personalised and reinvented with new supports
  • The wedding ring carrier: wedding ring cushion
  • A few ideas for finding original wedding rings

A few exceptional and surprising touches will enhance your wedding day, such as the wedding dress, the wedding cake, the white limousine, or the bride's bouquet, to name but a few.

The smallest yet most prestigious touch is the wedding ring. A beautiful wedding ring carrier will perfectly enhance your two splendid wedding rings, giving them a place of honour in the ceremony as well as on your fingers.

Check out three lovely examples of wedding ring carriers on Pinterest that you can make yourself. By using a ring carrier to bear their sublime rings, the couple are showing the importance of what the wedding ring represents, because it's impossible to imagine a wedding without a ring

The ring carrier is personalised and reinvented with new supports

The bride and groom may wish to find new ways of updating this old custom where the wedding rings are carried in a nice little cushion in the form of a pillow. Using a perfect combination of tradition and modernity, will make the style of grandmother's lace with its famous cross stitch look somewhat outdated.

Today, brides and grooms are increasingly inventive when it comes to coming up with original ring carrier ideas. Discover all the wedding rings on sale at BAUNAT. Delivery is quick and secure, and you have a right of withdrawal of 30 business days.

Which cushion to choose for your wedding ring carrier?

There are as many models for the wedding ring cushion as there are wedding rings, wedding dresses, tiaras or wedding shoes. When it comes to style, you can choose between square, oval or heart-shaped styles. Read our three tips on buying a diamond wedding ring. BAUNAT is at your disposal to answer any questions.

There are wedding ring cushions in many materials, such as fur, lace, pearl, crystal, ribbon etc. You can also choose themed wedding cushions using butterflies, crosses, hearts, monograms, or seashells.

A few ideas for finding original wedding rings

Many couples assume that a simple white silk wedding ring cushion is perfect because it reflects the splendour of the bride and easily adapts to any white dress. Read our article about commitment-free wedding rings, which you can wear in an unofficial relationship.

Wedding ring cushions should be carefully chosen to highlight the rings. The material in which the ring carriers are designed must be able to keep the rings stable and visible.

If you want to buy wedding rings with a timeless style, contact BAUNAT - we will be delighted to hear from you. BAUNAT offers beautiful timeless wedding rings.

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