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BAUNAT's standard collection only features jewellery in yellow, white, red gold and platinum. But did you know there are other tints of gold? By mixing pure gold with other precious metals a gold alloy of exceptional coulour is created, such as green gold for example. This precious metal isn't a striking green colour, rather it's more a yellow gold hue, with a light green appearance. Another type of gold is rose gold. This is a variant of red gold, and the difference isn't always that easy to discern. We would like to introduce you to this type of gold.

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Red gold BAUNAT rings

What is rose gold?

Rose gold is a precious metal that has a pink look to it. It’s an alloy of pure 24 karat gold with copper and silver. The colour rose gold is often used in fine jewellery, but you can also find it in a smartphone or a smart watch for example.

Pure gold is far too fragile to be crafted into jewellery. It has to be reinforced with the help of other precious metals. This process in turn lends the gold a (slightly) different colour. This is how we acquire unique shades. This is no different with rose gold.

Red, rosé and rose gold are all closely interlinked. The amount of copper and silver in the alloy is what makes the difference.

One of the famous Fabergé eggs: red gold is said to have first been used in these - BAUNAT

What is the history behind rose gold?

The history of rose gold is pretty much comparable to that of red gold. The first time this precious metal is said to have been used was in the renowned Fabergé eggs. During the late 1800s, Peter Carl Fabergé, a Russian, used gold mixed with copper in his eggs. Gold mixed just with copper becomes red gold; supplemented with silver and it becomes rose gold.

These alloys subsequently really caught on in Russia. In West Europe and the USA red and rose gold were also known as Russian gold. This name became less commonplace as the alloys started to rise in popularity in countries outside of Russia.
Smartwatch with rose gold accents. Rose gold is hugely popular nowadays - BAUNAT

Is rose gold popular?

These days rose gold is a staple fashionable shade. More and more people are choosing rose gold Smartphones and Smartwatches, and the shade is also frequently found in clothing.
Smartwatch with rose gold accents. Rose gold is hugely popular nowadays - BAUNAT
In part, this ever-increasing popularity can be attributed to the alloy's timeless flair. And it complements a whole range of styles too. A floaty, floral summer dress, worn with a rose gold ring. In a nutshell: fabulous. Jeans, a blouse and utilitarian leather jacket, combined with a rose gold watch? A gorgeous outfit!
Smartwatch with rose gold accents. Rose gold is hugely popular nowadays - BAUNAT

How do I look after my rose gold jewellery?

A rose gold ring is polished in the same way as a white gold one. Indeed, rose gold jewellery doesn't require a particular treatment. Use warm water and a little washing up liquid. Leave to soak for around half an hour. Using a very soft toothbrush gently rub smuts, dirt, grease and other traces off your jewellery. Afterwards, rinse under warm water.
Bride on a photoshoot in a grassy meadow. She would look gorgeous wearing a rose gold ring - BAUNAT

Why choose a rose gold engagement ring?

Whether it is embellished with a stunning solitaire or halo, a rose gold engagement ring is guaranteed to be a winner.

The warm tint of rose gold makes it an ideal choice for all types of women. The classic rose gold solitaire ring, for example, would be perfect for a bride with a more minimalist style. The rose gold radiates restraint, yet simultaneously, a warm glow in stark contrast to the centre diamond.
Women who like things a little more striking tend towards other settings. Rose gold rings with a  vintage touch, perhaps? The romantic tint of rose gold combined with subtle milgrain detailing is a splendid example. And those who really wish to stand out from the crowd can opt for a real statement item: a rose gold ring with a fancy cut diamond or an eye-catching halo ring. Your finger will sparkle, that's for sure.
Newlywed couple gaze into each other's eyes. Rose gold rings would be perfect - BAUNAT

By wearing a rose gold ring, according to its underlying significance, you are expressing true love

Another excellent reason to opt for rose gold for your engagement ring: the underlying significance of this precious metal. According to the well-known American platform that covers everything wedding-related, The Knot, red and rose gold are extremely romantic. White gold stands for friendship, whereas yellow gold represents loyalty. However, red and rose gold signify true love. Need we say more?
White gold BAUNAT eternity ring. Rose gold would complement this perfectly

Which other gold tints can I combine with?

Another great benefit of rose gold is that it combines really well. For example, the combination of rose and white gold in the same ring looks stunning. Engagement rings of more than one colour are bang on trend, due to their vintage look and feel.

Take a closer look at this half set white gold eternity ring

You could even opt for three colours. Style icon,  Audrey Hepburn, did it already back in the 1950s and 60s. She understood better than no other how seemingly contrasting precious metals at face value could create a stunning effect. Although, with a three-coloured engagement ring a colourless diamond setting is recommended. Were you to add coloured diamonds to the ring made of three different colours of precious metal, it might be a slight overkill.

What other jewellery shows rose gold off in its full glory?

Naturally, rose gold isn't just meant for diamond engagement rings. The precious metal looks fabulous as a stackable ring, set with a diamond or otherwise.

In addition, it also looks gorgeous in  stud earrings and  bracelets. Similarly, a  watch  adorned with a touch of rose gold is also an excellent choice. It lends a unique twist to timeless watches. And when it comes to watches, rose gold is far from a woman's remit alone.

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Where can I find information about other precious metals?

Red and rose gold look truly fabulous in a range of jewellery, settings and combinations. But you can of course give these precious metals a miss and immerse yourself in white or yellow gold, or platinum instead. These metals exude a breath-taking allure. Read more about it in these blogs.
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