Red gold may be favourable for a while, but these days it is really gaining popularity. Fashionable women and celebrities wear red golden jewellery, from engagement rings to several fine necklaces and bracelets combined. For those who love this precious metal, but don’t want it to be too outstanding, there is a nice alternative, namely a pair of red golden earrings. They are timeless, elegant, with a tad of extravagance.

Red gold

Red gold is produced by adding copper by (yellow) gold. Therefore, this precious metal has a warm feel. Red gold is not like any other precious metal. In contrast to yellow or white gold, it is constantly seen in the world of fashion, since its existence in the 19th century in Russia. This is why the popularity of red gold also peaked in the Victorian era and the period of the Art Deco. The alloy is also beautiful in both a romantic and a geometric setting. After a long period wherein sleek and minimalistic fashion designs dominated, red gold is winning again in popularity. Whatever style you have, red gold is gorgeous in any design. Each type of woman can wear it; from vintage girls to classy ladies.

Red golden diamond earrings

When choosing a pair of red golden diamond earrings, it is important to keep the model as simple as possible. For example, diamond stud earrings look very nice and radiate a timeless elegance. Of course, this model is also nice in other precious metals such as white gold or platinum, but in red gold it also exudes certain warmth.

Are you looking for a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, in red gold or another precious metal, you have come to the right place. We at BAUNAT have an extensive collection of diamond earrings. If you have any questions, or if you are interested in a particular model, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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