• What is a princess cut?
  • How popular is it and why?

What is a princess cut?

For the romantics at heart, just hearing the name of the cut, princess cut, makes you dream about your wedding day. But what is this cut?

The princess cut is actually a very recent addition to the collection of fancy cut diamonds as it was only created in 1981. But in its short life, it is amazing how successful it has become.

The princess cut is a square modified brilliant, which distinguishes it from regular step cut facet arrangements you may find in other square shaped diamonds such as the Ascher cut. It has great fire and scintillation, but it is true that it is not as fiery as a round brilliant cut may be.

How popular is it and why?

So why is it so popular? After the round cut, the princess cut is literally the most popular cut used in engagement rings. When you are looking for something more angular, more modern and just different, that’s a fantastic option.

The price for a princess cut diamond is in general lower than for a brilliant cut of the same size. In fact, the same stone, with the exact same 4C’s, meaning the carat weight, colour, clarity and cut will have a lower price-per-carat if it’s a princess cut rather than a round cut.

In terms of grading the 4C’s in diamonds, the same rules are applied to all cuts. Furthermore, for a princess cut, it is essential that the polish is graded very good to excellent and no less, because given the nature of the cut, you need excellency for the maximum brilliance and scintillation effect.

Princess cuts are for the romantics, for the brides-to-be who know what they want but still dream of being a princess for one day on their wedding day.

And once you have bought the perfect princess cut and it is set in the most gorgeous design, don’t forget to protect it.

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