It is not only the fashion sector that is sensitive to trends, but also the jewellery sector. Every year new trends are put on the catwalk and this year is no different. We are happy to give you an overview of the jewellery trends that we expect in 2020, but also provide insight into jewellery that is timeless. Buying a diamond jewel isn't a decision that is made overnight. In addition, there are also some innovations in the diamond sector that we would like to share with you.

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What jewellery trends can we expect in 2020?

For 2020 we see some unique jewellery trends on the catwalk. From oversized hoop earrings to brightly coloured jewellery. As to whether it is all equally wearable in everyday life, we will leave that up to you!

Hoop earrings large and small

Hoop earrings are the earrings trend of the coming year. On the catwalk we mainly see oversized gold earrings. Very pretty, but more difficult to wear in daily life.

The creoles from BAUNAT are a stylish version to wear every day. With the incorporated diamonds, you still get that unique look from the catwalk.

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Chain ring from BAUNAT

Link and chain jewellery

It is not only hoop earrings that can't get larger, but also jewellery with chains, large and small, is a jewellery trend in 2020. Think of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

We are also fans of chains here at BAUNAT. For instance, we have a necklace with a matching chain bracelet. This chain ring would also suit this trend very well.

Take a closer look at this ring

Chain ring from BAUNAT

Halo setting

A style that has come to stay and results in particularly sparkling jewellery: the halo setting. A halo is a diamond setting where a central stone is surrounded by smaller stones, creating an optical illusion where the stone appears larger. The term "halo" refers to the phenomenon of light in the atmosphere when white or coloured rings are visible around the sun or moon. This resembles a halo of light, which is why rings with this type of setting are also called "halo rings".

In particular, BAUNAT offers magnificent halo style engagement rings, handmade from the finest precious metals, and excellent value for money.
Colourful butterfly ring from BAUNAT

Colourful jewellery

Colour is totally in again. We are seeing very bright colours appear on the catwalk, in beads, bezels and gems.

You can go in different directions with colour. What is especially apparent is bright colours for a bohemian look and somewhat more pastel colours in jewellery with a baroque appearance.

At BAUNAT you can easily add colours by playing with different precious metals and coloured diamonds.

Discover more about this butterfly ring

Colourful butterfly ring from BAUNAT

Stacking rings

Combining several rings, whether they are stackable rings or combination rings, is one of the major trends in the jewellery world. These are individual rings, possibly made in different precious metals or different colours: rings with a variety of designs and structures. By trying different combinations, you can create a new look every day. And it is not only stackable rings that lend themselves to being worn in combination. Necklaces and bracelets can also be combined to superb effect. A beautiful trend that is all about personalisation!

How do I mix and match my rings? Naturally, there are many possibilities, depending on personal style, but it is best to follow certain principles so as not to overdo it.

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Two different earrings, with X and O from BAUNAT

Different earrings or 1 earring

Another very specific earring trend for 2020 is to wear one earring or two different earrings. Often they will then be earrings from the same collection, such as these XO earrings, but with an asymmetrical aspect.

It's a trend that's a little more difficult to combine, but if you stick to subtle earrings, it shouldn't be a problem.

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Woman wears jewellery from Dancing Lady collection - BAUNAT

Artistic jewellery

We will always see artistic jewellery come back on the catwalk and this time is no different. Designers express their style with their unique jewellery and BAUNAT is no different on that part.

In that vein, BAUNAT works with several local designers who have made beautiful collections, such as the Dancing Lady, Nathu or Le Paradis collections. So you can always choose from unique design pieces to complement your jewellery collection.

Which jewels always stay trendy?

You don't have to feel forced to keep up with the latest trends. There are plenty of timeless diamond jewels that are always wearable and also always look stunning. In the BAUNAT classics collection you will find rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings that have a classic and timeless look. Timeless jewellery is a must for your jewellery collection and suits every style. We therefore recommend building a base of timeless pieces and then adding some trendy jewellery to it.

You can also combine different jewels to create new unique looks. Think of stacking rings, for example. These rings have become a real trend. They are made to be worn together and can therefore also be mixed and matched accordingly. They are rings with different patterns and structures. By making different combinations, you can in principle create a new look every day. It is not just stacking rings that can be combined. Necklaces or bracelets are also perfect for combining.

Read all about styles in our style guide

Innovations in the jewellery sector

We are not only seeing new trends on the catwalk, but also various innovations within the jewellery sector.

Some important innovations in the jewellery sector:

  1. Rings made entirely of diamond
  2. 3D printing of jewellery
  3. New ways of cutting diamonds
  4. New research into the origin of diamonds

A ring made entirely of diamond

The luxury jeweller Shawish from Switzerland was looking for a new challenge and innovated the classic diamond ring. He created a diamond ring truly worthy of the name. A 150-caratdiamond ring, utterly made of diamond. And now this unique piece of jewellery is looking for the perfect buyer.

Making the ring was an enormous challenge. It took a year and required a special piece of laser equipment. The price of this ring therefore comes in at no less than €52 million.

This is not the only ring made entirely of diamond. Later, more designers who wanted to take on the same challenge followed suit, such as Jony Ive, designer at Apple.
Computer design for 3D printed ring - BAUNAT

3D printing of jewellery

Rings, chain links or other jewels are created by melting precious metal such as gold and casting it in a classic mould. To work more efficiently, jewellers have already started designing and printing the casting model in 3D. The liquid precious metal is then poured into the mould and it solidifies. A preliminary prototype of the jewel can also be printed in 3D to get a first (tangible) impression of the jewel.
With this innovation you can achieve the most diverse designs and therefore have a unique jewel made to measure. Naturally, 3D design also offers the possibility of mass production. Several of the same jewels can be made at the same time by means of a 'wax tree'. This also makes a pair of earrings completely identical to each other.

3D printing is still in its infancy. Besides it being a solid investment for jewellers, the craftsmanship of jewellers themselves is still required to manually refine and perfect the designs.

New ways of cutting

At BAUNAT, the innovations within the sector are always monitored, and so a short while ago, investments were made in a cutting robot. The Fenix is a robot that can cut almost any diamond. Even diamonds that even the most experienced cutters cannot cope with are a possibility with the Fenix. And precisely herein lies the added value.
There is less loss and diamonds can be cut more efficiently.
What makes Fenix so innovative? The robot performs a number of operations that are very difficult or even impossible for human cutters. In contrast to the classic cutting process, Fenix does not have to take the so-called grain direction into account. That depends on the crystal structure of the diamond. Cutting against the grain direction of the rough diamond produces an undesirable whitish surface which does not reflect light as well. Due to their complex grain direction, many rough diamonds could not be cut until recently. With the Fenix, this problem is gone.

Of course, diamond cutters will never be obsolete. A diamond cutter has insight and expertise and will therefore always have the last word when cutting the perfect diamond.

Research into diamond

As diamonds are becoming increasingly rare, a lot of research is being done into being able to make diamonds ourselves. For example, a German geologist once made a diamond with peanut butter. Furthermore, synthetic diamonds are also manufactured in the laboratory. These synthetic diamonds are mainly used in industry and less so in jewellery.

Of course, these diamonds will never replace natural diamonds. Natural diamonds are only becoming more valuable. Their scarcity makes them just as precious. This makes the natural diamond an excellent investment.

Discover more trends

We have now given you an overview of the trends that we see appearing in 2020 and of some important innovations within the diamond sector. Would you like to know more about Fenix the cutting robot or about the ring made of diamond? Then continue reading below.

Frequently asked Questions

What does 'Swiss Made' mean?

A watch can have the label 'Swiss Made' when at least 60% of the watch has been manufactured in Switzerland. Switzerland stands for perfection know-how and technical innovation when it comes to watches. Swiss Made is a label that indicates the customer that the timepiece is of high quality.

Where does the inspiration of the Dancing Lady collection come from?

The Dancing Lady collection is designed by Elke Peeters and is inspired on slow and graceful dance movements of a lady. These designs express pure femininity and elegance.

Do a lot of people purchase diamond jewellery online?

The very first e-commerce websites for diamond jewellery were launched about ten years ago. Nowadays, there are a lot of diamond jewellery e-commerce businesses; altogether they form the fastest growing category in the sector. Blue Nile - the pioneer ( – alone generates around $ 300 million a year. Depending on the sources, the worldwide jewellery e-commerce sales reaches about 4 to 5 billion US dollar (on a total of 75-80 billion US dollar). E.g. in 2009 (economically a very difficult year) the sub segment jewellery e-commerce sales displayed a growth, and even a fairly more significant growth than other e-commerce industries, this due to the upwards movement in the diamond jewellery industry. This trend is also occurring in all the important consumer markets (Europe, Middle East, Japan, Russia, China, India and Brazil).

This trend has been confirmed the last couple of years, and all studies anticipate a further growth in the jewellery e-commerce industry, as opposed to classic (bricks and mortar) jewellers (such as CartierTiffany & CoBoucheronDe BeersVan Cleef & ArpelsChopardPiagetBulgari,…). It is vital to know that this trend persists in Europe, as several American websites (,...) also gravitate towards the European continent, furthermore numerous European diamond jewellery e-shop are being established.

At the moment, BAUNAT is the only online diamond jewellery brand, that well considered, offers all her diamond jewellery and collections (at her multilingual e-boutique without middlemen or retail points (with the exception of our showrooms).

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