• How do I plan two separate ceremonies?
  • How can I mix both cultures in the same ceremony?
  • What can I do to make sure our individual tastes are respected?

Planning a wedding is always a busy and challenging mission, even more so when you are trying to honour two different cultures. Finding the right balance and honouring wedding traditions are essential elements to many for a carefree wedding day. How can I merge our cultures? How do I make sure our personal taste is not lost during the process?

How do I plan two separate ceremonies?

When trying to incorporate two very different cultures into the same ceremony, many couples find doing both justice a difficult task. That is why some choose to organise separate ceremonies for each set of cultural traditions. Doing this provides the opportunity to fully appreciate both cultures in their own right. Chances are the ceremonies will be held in different regions or even different countries. Making efficient and thoroughly thought out decisions is key for successful organisation. 

Firstly, calling on local family to check out venues, book officiants and ordering flowers is a major help towards getting everything on point. Secondly, using the internet for important purchases, such as buying diamond jewellery online, speeds up the process and frees time for more difficult to arrange matters.

How can I mix both cultures in the same ceremony?

When organising two ceremonies does not seem like the appropriate answer, subtly injecting one ceremony with both cultures forms the perfect middle ground. Again, buying things such as your wedding rings online can save you money and frees up time to perfect the details of the wedding. Make sure you provide context for your guests, as it is likely many traditions could be cause for confusion. Printing invitations and programmes bilingually is a good start, as is adding context to certain traditions in the programmes as the day progresses.

For instance, the colour red is auspicious in Chinese culture. Explaining the red details or elucidating why you asked to wrap wedding gifts in red paper provides interesting context and shows everyone how symbolically important such details can be.

What can I do to make sure our individual tastes are respected?

When planning a wedding with so many different factors and trying to honour different types of wedding traditions, your personal preference is easily lost in the mix. Make sure to take the time to discuss your personal preferences as well. This process need not be time consuming or difficult. Organise a fixed day every week or month to discuss personal preferences between the two of you. Make an evening of it and search the internet for caterers, florists and bridal party setups together. Buying diamond jewellery online and checking out venues through their websites allows you to discuss them then and there instead of waiting for an appointment.

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