When purchasing a jewel, the choice of the precious metal is as important as the diamonds and/or gemstones. Platinum solitaire rings are increasing in popularity thanks to their durability, but also yellow and white golden ones are very nice. Red gold is requested a lot the last few years, but not that often for solitaire rings. That is why we want to give this precious metal some extra attention.

Unique appearance

Red gold is, just like yellow and white gold, a very nice choice for jewellery, but not that common. The precious metal is gaining popularity, especially among the engagement rings. Diamond solitaire rings in red gold have a unique vintage appearance and are beautiful when combined with a red golden wedding ring. When combining it with a yellow or a white golden ring, it will be more artistic and extravagant. But this is not the wrong choice, in the contrary; a mix of precious metals reflects certain creativity. This is perfect for those who care less about the traditions and like to stand out.


Also in terms of durability red gold scores high. Thanks to the presence of copper, it is incredible that even this light color is the strongest of the three gold colors. A solid alloy, but with a downside; copper can provoke allergic reactions. Red gold is not considered as a hypoallergenic metal. Therefore, we advise people with very sensitive skin to choose for a solitaire ring in yellow or white gold or, even better, in platinum.

Red gold is a very good choice for people with a warm skin tone, but it is also good for people with a lighter skin. In other words, your skin changes throughout the seasons (pale in the winter, tanned in the summer) so that’s always good in combination with red gold. Red golden solitaire rings are a perfect alternative for yellow or white golden ones. We at BAUNAT have an extensive range of diamond rings, whatever golden color you prefer. 

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