Saying Jennifer Lopez has an impressive pair of legs is stating the obvious. But what is her secret? Inside sources say she uses a special body scrub containing diamonds to keep her legs in pristine condition. A special Australian cream with diamond grit is said to defeat cellulitis. But is it true?

Diamond as beauty treatment

Diamond grit has been used by the cosmetics sector for a long time. Diamond grit supposedly decreases wrinkle depth, reduces pores, hides red spots and pigment spots and absorbs tallow. Whether it is beneficial for your skin is unknown. Scientific research delivers no proof for the efficiency of these treatments.

Diamond grit is found in many other exclusive beauty products such as make-up, nail polish or eye shadow. The light reflecting quality of the grit gives the skin a natural gloss. For the same reason the grit is often used in fabrics for costumes.

Diamond grit: popular in industry

Diamond grit is especially suitable for industrial purposes. Think sanding paper, sanders, drills, saws or polishers. Diamond grit can also be used to repair a scratch on a windshield or restore an antique mirror to its former glory. Even heat sensors, surgical blades or parts of speakers are often treated with diamond grit to improve their durability.

Microdiamonds are divided according to uniformity and diameter, varying from 0,25 to 50 micron. But beware: if the diamond particles are irregularly shaped, they will do more harm than good. They will scratch the material instead of polishing it and you don’t want to do that to your legs.

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