Today, you can find astonishing engagement rings online, from the classic solitaire ring that has remained a timeless piece to the more sophisticated diamond rings you have ever seen.

Whether this is your first step into the world of engagement rings or whether you are looking for an engagement ring that will give you a second chance at a happy married life, we highly recommend considering purchasing your engagement ring online.

  • Why online: advantages - Trusting the internet and finding reliable websites
  • Why online: disadvantages - There are not many but you never know

Advantages - Trusting the internet and finding reliable websites

The internet has grown exponentially since its creation a few decades ago and buying jewellery online has boomed over the past years. That is mainly due to considerable increase in consumer trust, reliable shipping services and more importantly secure payment systems.

The first point to look for is the reliability of the jewellers website, it has to be recognised, clear, containing all the knowledge you may need and trustworthy. Once you feel you trust the website, have a browse through all the designs that are offered in the catalogue and although sometimes it may seem overwhelming, just start with the following steps:

  1. Choose the metal: yellow, red, or white gold or platinum.
  2. Choose the shape of the centre stone: from round to princess, oval or pear.
  3. Choose your design!

Should this be your second official purchase of an engagement ring, purchasing online could be an easy solution to avoid the retail store hassle, without losing in elegance, quality and craftsmanship.

The other points you need to take into account when buying online are that you need to make sure the online jeweller offers easy and secure payment options in your own currency; and most of all, ensure the shipping services are 100% reliable so that you will be receiving your ring on time for the big proposal day.

Disadvantages - There are not many but you never know

To be honest, there are not many disadvantages to purchasing your engagement ring online, especially if this is your second time shopping for the one-of-a-kind ring that will surprise your fiancée.

We understand you may find it easier to take a decision when having the rings physically in your hands to better grasp the designs and diamond qualities, but rest assured that the photos and descriptions on online catalogues are so precise that you will not be disappointed when you receive the ring in its beautiful package.

At BAUNAT we guarantee an amazing tailored service that ensures you get the most perfect ring, at the best prices and with the most reliable shipping service you have ever seen.

The team of experts promptly responds to any of your queries, and the website offers detailed information about its diamonds, supply chain, craftsmanship and any other question you may have.

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