• A heart shaped diamond is a beautiful fancy cut.
  • This cut has a certain difficulty in which the skill of the diamond cutter will be tested.
  • Planning on buying a loose (heart-shaped) diamond? Well, we can only recommend it! At BAUNAT we would love to help you with this.

You can verify the specialised literature, but the heart-shaped diamond isn’t in the spotlight that often. However, it’s a magnificent shape, ideal to set in a gorgeous engagement ring. On top of that, the heart is considered the ultimate symbol of love. Men who intend to surprise their beloved, we recommend them to buy a loose heart-shaped diamond. And this for multiple reasons. Which ones? Well, read on!

A higher quality

A heart-shaped diamond is considered a so-called fancy cut. This means that there is a certain difficulty in the cut. The skill of the diamond cutter will strongly be tested with this diamond shape, but the result is worth it.

When you are planning on buying a heart-shaped diamond that lives up to all quality standards, and reflects the light in a stunning way, you will have to pay a certain price. But the investment is definitely worth it. Her smile and the increase in value makes everything all right.

A better protection

As mentioned before, there aren’t many heart-shaped diamonds to be seen in the everyday scene. Not a lot of men think about buying an engagement ring with a heart-shaped diamond.

But if you are planning on buying her such a diamond ring to propose, then soon she will be showing off her unique heart-shaped diamond ring. Something so unique, needs to be extra protected, definitely a fancy cut as the heart-shaped diamond.

With such an important decision, you should take guidance from a known jeweller. We ensure you that your diamond meets the required quality standards, including the certificate.

Design a tailor made jewel

A loose heart-shaped diamond gives the possibility to have it set in a tailor made jewel later on. Maybe you have an interesting idea and you want to complete it over a period of time, for example to propose or to surprise her for her birthday. A diamond tailor made jewel is definitely a unique present. At BAUNAT we would love to help you step by step.

Are you planning on buying a loose heart-shaped diamond, or any other beautiful shape of diamond? Then you are at the right address. Take a look at our extensive collection. If you have some questions or if you are interested in a specific model, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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