• Where did this trend come from?
  • How do you wear the self love pinky ring?
  • What should you have engraved in this diamond engagement ring?


Every woman will dream about her big day, when she promises eternal loyalty to the love of her life and when she’s allowed to wear a beautiful wedding dress. Traditionally this is also preceded by a perfect proposal with a diamond engagement ring which is just as perfect. Are you single? And are you planning on staying single for the time being? You’re certainly not the only one! That’s why more and more women are now buying their own ring, as a token of their independence and unconditional love for themselves. Allow us to introduce you to the ‘self love pinky ring’.

Where did this trend come from?

Buying yourself a diamond engagement ring as an ‘independent single woman’ has already been a hype in America for some time. The term ‘self love pinky ring’ is therefore quite common on Pinterest. The #selflovepinkyring has also been used on Instagram several times by women who promise to love themselves and stay true to their own values.

Fantastic, isn’t it? Should every woman – single or not – be promising herself this very same thing? After all, a healthy dose of self-love is absolutely essential.

How do you wear the self love pinky ring?

You generally wear this diamond engagement ring on your pinky finger. Why this finger? It’s all about the ‘pinky promise’, an American way of swearing to something. You can promise yourself the following: ‘I will stay true to my values and dignity and dare to choose myself every single day’.

Would you prefer to wear the ring on a different finger? Please do! Some single women even choose to buy a wedding ring instead of an engagement ring to swear allegiance to themselves. And make sure you choose a diamond shape which suits your personality.

What should you have engraved in this diamond engagement ring?

Most women have their own names engraved in their self love pinky ring. But you can also opt for a personal message for yourself, or perhaps a motto. Modern laser techniques have allowed for very precise engravings. The possibilities are therefore endless.

With which diamond engagement ring do you want to show the world you are a strong and independent woman? Take a look at our extensive collection of rings or contact BAUNAT’s experts.

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