• How valuable are coloured diamonds?
  • What do I need to pay attention to when buying coloured diamonds?
  • Which diamonds are the rarest?

Only 2% of all the diamonds in the world are coloured diamonds. Very rare and therefore very costly. They can make every piece of jewellery unique and present an excellent investment. Discover why you would want to buy coloured diamonds.

How valuable are coloured diamonds?

As only 2% of the world’s supply of diamonds is coloured, the returns offered by coloured diamonds is continuing to increase exponentially. Even the smaller diamonds are a major investment, but actual fortunes are being paid for the large diamonds. The deep blue Oppenheimer Blue weighs 14.62 carats and the final bid at the Christie’s auction amounted to approximately €51.3 million. The Pink Star stole the world record this year and earned an incredible €66.8 million with its stunning 59.6 carats.

Its incredible rarity has resulted in the coloured diamond being a major, but very lucrative, investment in an extraordinarily stable raw material. Irrespective of whether it’s going to be worn or kept in the safe: time is the coloured diamond’s best friend.

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing coloured diamonds?

Would you like to buy rare coloured diamonds? As is the case with the white diamond, the diamond expert can help you choose a coloured diamond. They will start with determining the right colour for you. The brighter the colour, the rarer and more expensive the stone. The expert will be looking for the classic 4 C’s. They will determine the diamond’s quality. And finally, you will also choose the precious metal you want to combine the coloured diamond with in the accessory of your choice.

The value of your jewellery will increase with aesthetics. So make sure you choose a precious metal which complements or even strengthens the colour of your diamond. A combination with white gold or platinum is always a safe choice.

Which diamonds are the rarest?

Not every colour is equally rare. So be careful when making your choice. Around 80% of mined diamonds in the Argyle mine in Australia are brown and champagne coloured, so not a valuable investment. Yellow diamonds feature most commonly in the rare ‘coloured diamond’ category. Blue and green diamonds are less common. Red diamonds are the rarest. There are a total of between 20 and 30 worldwide. These are fairly small with less than 0.5 carat per piece.

How can I invest in a rare coloured diamond? Which diamonds do I choose for a unique piece of jewellery? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice for a smart investment or a spectacular piece of jewellery.

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