• Why would I choose to celebrate an alternative commitment?
    • What alternatives are there for traditional marriage?
    • What can I do to make my union special?
    Marriage is not for everyone, but that does not mean you have to miss out on celebrating your relationship. There are plenty of alternatives to honour your commitment without the hassle of a traditional wedding. And they still have many of the perks. Buy an alternative engagement ring and start planning. Which is the perfect alternative for me?


    Why Would I Choose To Celebrate an Alternative Commitment?

    Many committed couples have several different reasons to choose alternatives to marriage. Although many cohabiting couples share a very happy relationship, some of them feel uncomfortable with some of the implications of traditional marriages. Divorce rates rise year after year, and are far more expensive and complicated than simply breaking up when things do not work out. Others disagree with the traditionally religious symbolism often associated with weddings or with the difficulties alternative couples such as same-sex partners have encountered with obtaining equal marital rights.

    Alternative commitment, however, need not be any less meaningful. Add your own brand of symbolism and buy a unique engagement ring or have an intimate ceremony with those most important to you to emphasise your commitment.

    What Alternatives Are There To Traditional Marriage?

    Most alternatives for traditional weddings are identified at a legal level. Many people who choose an alternative do not only do so to celebrate their relationship. They also enjoy the legal and societal benefits of the contract. Cohabitation agreements and civil unions were the only option for same-sex couples for a long time, but many straight couples choose it as well. Similar to domestic partnerships, both parties sign a contract on federal, state, or city level agreeing to their commitment. These alternatives are easily annulled but do not offer all of the same benefits as marriage, such as inheritance rights or custody rights.
    Choosing a living will takes care of the latter, defining your partner as your legal next of kin. Finally, common law marriage exists because you make it so. When living together as a married couple and defining yourself as such, you eventually become automatically wed.

    What Can I Do To Make My Union Special?

    Just because you chose to opt-out of marriage in a traditional sense, does not mean you cannot celebrate your union or must have an engagement without a ring. It does, however, excuse you from feeling obligated to adhere to the traditions usually associated with weddings. You can choose to buy an engagement ring or opt for a different type of engagement jewellery altogether. You can keep the ceremony smaller and only invite certain people or go all out for a big bash. Anything goes when celebrating your alternative commitment. Although many couples do not bother celebrating such a union, many consider it the only official commitment they will ever choose, and therefore feel the celebration is more than welcome. What do you prefer?

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