Diamonds are the most sparkling, brilliant stones available on the market with a luster that is called adamantine which means unbreakable or extremely hard substance. Diamonds are indeed the hardest mineral on earth, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral hardness. This scale is based on the ability of minerals of being scratch resistant, where a harder material scratches a softer material. Diamond being the only one at the top of the chart, with a 10 and talc being at the bottom with a 1.

This is one of the reasons diamonds are a perfect investment as they are durable over time and will not perish or get damaged very easily. But here are another 2 great reasons diamonds will always be a safe bet

  • The use of diamonds for industrial purposes
  • The strict supply chain making diamonds an ethical investment

The use of diamonds for industrial purposes

Did you know that diamonds are not only used for jewellery and that gem quality diamonds only actually account for 25-30% of the worlds production? The rest is actually used in a variety of applications that are mainly industrial.

Industrial diamonds are mostly used in various manufacturing processes such as for the cutting, grinding, drilling, and polishing of gem quality diamonds and gemstones. The hardness and its heat conductive characteristics being the main qualities sought after in these procedures.

But that is not the only use, you can find diamonds in windows that cover x-rays and other rays, in microchips where they are used as a coating to conduct electricity and in other laboratory and medical equipments.

The strict supply chain making diamonds an ethical investment

We agree that in the past, just like when any other treasures were found, the discoveries of diamonds may have caused many problems, in particular in less resourceful, conflict-zone countries. The so-called blood diamonds have been an issue for decades, but countries & governments have united in the fight to eradicate conflict diamonds and in trying to make the supply chain ethical again.

This was achieved when the Kimberly Process (KP) was created. KP’s commitment is to completely remove conflict diamonds from the global supply chain by imposing extensive requirements to its participants in a binding agreement. By preventing the free flow of conflict diamonds, the KP helps protecting the legitimate rough diamond trade, making the supply chain more ethical and reliable.

It is an international certification scheme that guarantees you are not purchasing a stone that has illegitimately funded wars against governments and mistreated people and children in the mines.

BAUNAT is proud to present its diamonds from a carefully controlled developed network of 'niche' diamond manufacturers, mainly located in Surat (India), providing the best quality product at a highly competitive pricing.

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