• Where does this need come from?
  • What else can we deduce from Maslow’s hierarchy?
  • What influence does society have on our needs?

Jewellery forms part of people. That has never been any different. We have always had a need to make ourselves look beautiful, even though this used to be accomplished with animal bones, shells, flowers or feathers. It goes without saying that jewellery often also has a symbolic or religious meaning. A fitting piece of jewellery therefore traditionally goes with every milestone. But why do we attach so much importance to jewellery? Why do we wear them?

Where does this need come from?

The purchase of jewellery to decorate ourselves can be psychologically explained with Maslow’s hierarchy. The psychologist Abraham Maslow published this motivation theory, in which he hierarchically portrayed the universal needs of man, in 1943. When we look at the buying and wearing of jewellery through his eyes, we see this is actually categorised under our higher needs. After all, the centre of the hierarchy states ‘a need for social contact’.

This need for love and friendship is expressed, for example, in the wearing of friendship bracelets and the exchanging of Valentine’s Day gifts. But also in the wearing of jewellery, in order to emphasise our connection to a certain group.

What else can we deduce from Maslow’s hierarchy?

When we climb a little higher up on this hierarchy, we will arrive at ‘recognition and appreciation’. A need which is actually still very current 75 years after Maslow’s publication. Aren’t social media and the invention of the selfie living proof of this? Irrespective of whether it concerns the purchase of jewellery, finding a great new pair of shoes or trying out a new recipe: we like to share it on social media and hope for many likes.

We can see ‘self-realisation’ at the top of the hierarchy. It goes without saying that we also want to emphasise our personality and style with the purchase of jewellery. A stylish lady will know how to perfectly combine and wear her jewellery.

What influence does society have on our needs?

Time and society naturally also have an influence on how we translate these needs. The purchase of jewellery used to be exclusively reserved for the richer classes. They would wear jewellery to show off their origin and wealth, which again falls into the higher categories of the hierarchy. Wearing jewellery was also purely a female phenomenon for a very long time. Something which has changed enormously during the last few decades.

And then we’re certainly not exclusively talking about watches and cufflinks for men. A diamond ring will also radiate pure masculinity for him.

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