For centuries, diamonds have been regarded as very special. As jewels, they adorned the crowns of kings and queens; they were a symbol of power, prosperity and high rank. They were even said to have magical qualities. Today, on the other hand, they are mainly associated with love, trust and romance.

Diamonds have always been considered special and anyone who takes a look at the hardest gem in the world knows why. A polished diamond displays a unique play of light, colours, brilliance, radiance and sparkle, which no other stone can achieve. But why exactly does a diamond ring represent love in our contemporary society?

A company called De Beers

The reason why diamond is associated with romance is mainly attributed to the global acting company De Beers. This company has, since the end of the 19th century, secured the lion's share of the world market through their control over the diamond supply chain and the diamond trade. By keeping a close eye on the opening of new mines, they successfully prevent the diamond prices from dropping.

Smart marketing

Harry Oppenheimer, the son of one of the founders of the syndicate, Ernest Oppenheimer, emigrated to America in the 1930s to promote the distribution of diamonds. The advertising slogan "Diamonds are forever" was born. The first advertising campaign focused on young, high-earning men of a marriageable age. With striking success. With growing marketing budgets and expansion to more and more countries, diamonds have become a synonym for De Beers, but also for love and romance.

Advertising only?

Even if the association between a diamond ring and love has arisen from decades of targeted advertising, it does not alter the incomparable beauty and timeless elegance that diamonds radiate. It does not change the fact that today, everyone you ask connects a diamond ring with engagement and marriage. And so the conclusion remains this: there is no woman on earth who would not consider a diamond ring as a sign of deep affection!

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