There are a lot of thoughts as to why men seem to spend more on their second engagement rings than the first, one of the main reasons is the belief that the second marriage will work better than the first. Ideas vary quite a bit, but there are two main reasons for this trend:

  • Higher earnings equal higher budget
  • Couples purchasing the ring together

Higher earnings equal higher budget

Instead of going off in tangents about the multiple possibilities of why one would spend more on a second engagement ring than the first, there are 2 simple straightforward reasons, and here is the first: more mature couples that marry for the second time, usually have higher earnings and therefore a higher budget.

The fact is that couples who marry in their 20s, fresh out of school, and just starting their careers, do not earn as much as those who are older and more advanced in their working life.

Ultimately, this of course does make a difference in terms of marriage celebrations and the overall budget that is spent for it.

It is said that people spend 1000 to 5000$ on engagement rings, and the latter and higher being even more so for second engagements. That of course, on average is quite a bit to spend when you’re just starting off, but considerably reasonable if you are in your 40s with a higher income.

Couples purchasing the ring together

Another rising trend seems to be that of purchasing the engagement ring together.

Which means not only choosing the design and style of the engagement ring together, but actually sharing the cost of the ring equally. 

This does not seem to be because it’s a more or less feminist thing to do, but simply because more mature couples who marry for the second time, have a slightly more open and balanced relationship where such costs are just shared.

It’s part of a more settled and pragmatic way of seeing life, and honestly, why not? Yes, there isn’t as much an element of surprise and for the romantic ones it may lack sentiment, but the outcome is the same: you will be engaged to marry your partner in life and you will have your dream ring on your finger, what more to want?

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