You are looking for something special? A unique look or an exclusive design that is not seen elsewhere? With earrings or stud earrings from a design collection, you are opting for pieces of jewellery that not everybody has and with which you will undoubtedly be the centre of attention.


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What distinguishes design earrings in gold or platinum?

Design earrings often stand out because of their unusual design, they are not off-the-rackear jewellery, but masterpieces from the pen of a jewellery designer. This does not mean that classic diamond stud earrings with a solitaire are less beautiful, but depending on the occasion or event, stunning jewellery simply is essential.

Whether opera, ball, gala, banquet, anniversary, birthday or wedding, there are many occasions when designer earrings are just the right choice foryourself or as a gift.

Diamonds set in gold or platinum are always a brilliant choice, appearing classy and elegant. Add the personal signature of an experienced designer and the overall picture is perfect. Most designer earrings or stud earrings are also available as a set, along a matching necklace or chain with pendant, a beautiful bracelet and the matching ring. This way, all the pieces of jewellery fit together perfectly for a glamorous appearance that will be remembered.
Designer earrings in gold with diamonds from the La Promesse collection - Design earrings by BAUNAT in white gold with many diamonds
Do you prefer an understatement? No problem, design does not automatically mean extravagant, such as with the classic Rivière collection, where the diamonds themselves take centre stage, embedded in a timelessly elegant and simple design.

High-quality materials such as 750 gold or 950 platinum ensure that you will continue to enjoy your designer jewellery for decades to come.

Can I have earrings made to my individual wishes?

Are you interested in jewellery design and have seen a design that you particularly like or do you want earrings with a special detail or look that you can't find anywhere else?

Many online jewellers offer so-called configurators, kits where you can put together your own piece of jewellery from predefined components. Simple, but not a real, own design, because they only create a variant from a given pool of possibilities.

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Designer earrings in gold with diamonds from the La Promesse collection - Design earrings by BAUNAT in white gold with many diamonds
It's quite different with truly custom-made earrings, where experienced design experts and jewellers work with you, according to your ideas and specifications, to design a unique piece of jewellery. The process is more involved, it helps if you already have a concrete image in mind or can put a sketch on paper, but this extra work is rewarded. You will receive design earrings that exist only once in the world, your very own and truly exclusive earrings.


Are you interested in designer stud earrings or diamond earrings in gold or platinum? Would you like advice on choosing your ear jewellery or have your own design implemented? The BAUNAT team will be happy to help you at any time, just get in touch.


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