• What distinguishes the cushion cut in diamonds?
  • What types of engagement rings with a cushion cut diamond are there?
  • What alternatives are there to the cushion cut engagement ring?

Are you looking for a particularly romantic engagement ring with a "fancy cut" that stands out from the popular solitaire ring with a round brilliant cut diamond, but still has a soft and round shape? Discover why the cushion cut engagement ring could be just the right choice for you.

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What distinguishes the cushion cut in diamonds?

Historically, the cushion cut goes back to a cut developed in the 18th century: the old mine cut. In contrast to the round Old European cut, this cut was characterised by the typical cushion shape visible from the front, which gave the modern cushion cut its name.

The most famous piece of jewellery with cushion cut diamonds is probably not an engagement ring, but a magnificent necklace with no less than 234 impressive diamonds, which Napoleon Bonaparte gave to his second wife, Marie-Louise of Austria, in 1811. The breath-taking necklace is on display in Washington at the US National Museum
Engagement ring cushion cut and other variants - A selection of engagement rings at the fitting, also in cushion cut
Modern cushion cut engagement rings combine elements of the square princess cut and the round brilliant cut. The result is a diamond with a square or rectangular shape and rounded corners that combines the best of both worlds.

One of the most famous engagement rings with this cut is the one of Kim Kardashian. The reality TV star attracted attention in 2013 with a 15 carat cushion cut engagement ring that was given to her by her future husband, Kanye West. The colour grade D and type IIa diamond in this lavish ring is estimated to be worth around $1.3 million.

What are the different types of engagement rings with a cushion cut diamond?

Just like the round brilliant, the cushion cut is perfect for a solitaire engagement ring where a single stone is the centre of attention. Since the corners of the cushion cut diamond are rounded, the setting doesn’t have to protect them as much as in the case of the princess cut. Therefore, the classic prong setting with 4 small claws that grip around the rounded corners is ideal. This setting also allows the light to shine particularly well through the diamond.

If you are looking for an even more striking ring that dazzle in splendour, you can add a halo of small diamonds around the central gemstone, or diamonds on the ring band itself. The result is a halo engagement ring that will impress not only your sweetheart, but also her friends.

Another great idea is adding a flanking diamond to the left and right of the centre stone. A ring with three stones is known as a trilogy engagement ring. The term goes back to the Greek "trilogia", literally translated as "three-word", and originally referred to a three-part literary act.

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Trilogy Engagement Ring with Cushion Cut Diamond - An engagement ring with three diamonds, one of which has a cushion cut

What other diamond cuts are similar to the cushion cut?

As a hybrid, the cushion cut combines beautifully round and angular shapes. If you are looking for a ring with an angular, geometric cut, the princess cut or the elongated emerald cut could be a good choice. The latter is a very good choice for vintage engagement rings, which are currently very trendy and combine an antique look with contemporary cutting techniques and workmanship.

The pear cut is yet another option. A diamond cut in the shape of a water drop or a pear looks extravagant and fascinates with its bold appearance. 
Last but not least, if you are unsure whether a fancy cut is the right choice, a classic brilliant solitaire will guarantee you the perfect proposal. The round cut is a true symbol of a diamond engagement ring and therefore, so popular. For a slight variation on this shape, you could also choose an engagement ring with an oval diamond. The brilliant cut also comes in variations that are not circular

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