• What alternatives are there to a centre stone?  
  • What alternatives are there to a diamond?
  • What if you prefer a non diamond engagement ring?

Just like marriage itself, marriage proposals come with some special traditions. One of the most beautiful traditions is a diamond engagement ring. One romantic classic is the solitaire ring, an engagement ring with an eye-catching single diamond. Not a fan of tradition? Or not a diamond lover? We are happy to help with finding the perfect engagement ring with no centre stone, or with something equally beautiful.

"It would be glamorous to be reincarnated as a great big ring on Liz Taylor’s finger."

- Andy Warhol

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What alternatives are there to a centre stone?

Would your intended prefer a non diamond engagement ring in the centre? Diamonds can be worked into the ring design more subtly, too. Just think of the eternity ring which owes its name to the diamonds set all round it, making them seem to run on for ever. Another option is an engagement ring where the diamonds are set on the ring band as well. Timeless and elegant on the one hand, and on the other, tougher than the classic engagement ring.

Men can also wear a ring such as this. Especially if you choose black diamonds. Perfect if you are looking for an engagement ring for both partners.

What alternatives are there to a diamond?

Every woman has her unique personality, style and taste. If she doesn't like diamonds, you don't necessarily have to look for an engagement ring with no gemstone. Surprise her with an engagement ring with some other fancy coloured gemstone. The finest alternatives are undoubtedly the red ruby, the blue sapphire and the green emerald. Perfect for  those women who love colour. Or for those women who prefer  a vintage engagement ring.
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Top advice: decide in advance how much her engagement ring can cost. Next to diamonds, rubies cost the most per  carat for her engagement ring. So be sure to get advice from the experts when buying her engagement ring.

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Wat als u toch een verlovingsring zonder steen verkiest?

Did you know that you can buy a diamond engagement ring starting at just €500? An engagement ring with no gemstone  does not need not be a matter of price. Some women are just a bit more adventurous and so don't like wearing a diamond ring. You can truly show your love for her by adding text or symbols to engagement rings which have no gemstone. Engraving her engagement ring is therefore the perfect choice.
Diamonds can be worked into the ring design more subtly, too.

Why not design a ring yourself?

So, what do you think of  designing her engagement ring  yourself? A personal ring design means you can slip the engagement ring she truly wants onto her finger. Or consider some other item of jewellery as an alternative to an engagement ring. So original at times!

You can find inspiration for an original engagement ring here

Inspired to start the search for her ring? Discover the BAUNAT engagement ring collection, or contact our experts for advice tailored to your personal requirements.

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How to make your engagement ring special

According to the tradition that has spread around the world, mainly due to the influence of De Beers, engagement rings should have a diamond. There are countless ways to lend it a unique touch: engraving, an exceptional design, two or three diamonds ... Read more about it in these blogs.
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