• What is a 'will you’ ring?
  • What kind of ring should you get as a 'will you’ ring?
  • Where to buy a 'will you’ ring?

Ideally, you want to purchase the perfect ring for your marriage proposal. Not an easy task! How can you be sure that the ring that you have selected, will meet all her wants and expectations? Choosing an engagement ring is a stressful task for many men. Perhaps even more than coming up with an original marriage proposal. The 'will you' ring offers the solution!

What is a 'will you’ ring?

In short: the 'will you' ring is a ring, but not the ring. But why buy such a ring in the first place? Recent research shows that although more and more couples choose the engagement ring together, often the bride-to-be still wants her engagement ring to be a surprise. The 'will you' ring is, in a way, the forerunner of the official engagement ring.

By giving this ring you actually ask her to select her perfect engagement ring from the wide range of engagement rings together. In this way, you will avoid a disappointing purchase and you will still score high on the romance meter. 

What kind of ring to buy as a 'will you’ ring?

The purpose of the 'will you’ ring is to prevent headaches and a loss of time in the quest for the perfect engagement ring. Feel free to purchase a ring that is a little simpler or more economically priced. However, you should pay serious attention to the engraving. For example, have it engraved that this is a ring and not yet the ring.

The rest of your message can be written in a letter, and placed inside the ring box. Possibly on a rolled up piece of parchment paper around which you can slide the ring.

Where to buy a 'will you’ ring?

If you still wish to buy a ring with a qualitative diamond, you should know that diamond rings online are on average 30 to 50% less expensive than in physical stores. A trump card! And how easy can it be? You can purchase your ring from the peace and quiet of your home and with just a few clicks.

Have you already found the perfect piece of jewellery from our assortment of rings? Or do you need more guidance with your online purchase? Please don't hesitate to contact the BAUNAT experts via phone, mail or chat.

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