Hardly any other engagement ring design is as popular as the classic 1 carat solitaire, a single diamond of 1 carat set in a high-quality ring made of platinum, white or yellow gold. We will show you why such a ring is a good and safe choice and what you should look for when buying one.

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    Why is a 1 carat diamond such a popular choice for an engagement ring?

    While precious metals such as gold or platinum are measured in grams and only their fineness is expressed in carats (such as 18 karat for 750 gold), the weight of diamonds, and thus indirectly their size, is measured in carats.

    This measurement unit goes back to the word "kerat", which can be translated as "little horn" and which describes the shape of the fruit of the carob tree. Hundreds of years ago, the kernels of this fruit were used as small measuring unit because they always had the same weight of 0.2 grams. This diamond trade tradition has continued to this day, even though no one uses kernels to determine weight any more. The abbreviation of carat is "ct." and sometimes one also speaks of carat weight instead of just carat.
    The 1 carat diamond for the engagement ring is probably so popular because “One” is a nice, round number. Psychology plays a bigger role here than appearance, because visually no one can distinguish a 1 carat diamond engagement ring from a 0.9 carat or 1.1 carat ring.

    In addition, 1 ct is the range in which most people no longer perceive an engagement ring as too small. Also, due to the it size, that diamond can be seen physically from a distance and not just its sparkle.

    What diamond cuts and shapes of 1 carat engagement rings exist?

    Within the one carat ring designs, you can find many choices that range from classic solitaire engagement rings to very extravagant designer rings. If you’re not sure which one to choose, then a timeless and elegant single brilliant, round cut diamond it’s always the perfect choice for a 1 carat engagement ring. It is beautiful and matches any outfit for any occasion.

    In recent years, the halo ring has become a very popular choice where the 1 carat central diamond is surrounded by smaller and therefore less expensive diamonds. The effect is similar to the halo of the sunshine where a luminous circle surrounds it. The central diamond is optically enlarged by the surrounding diamonds and this makes the halo engagement rings appear larger than they actually are.

    For even more sparkle and a truly spectacular appearance, the ring band could also be set with small diamonds in a pavé setting. The ring then looks as if it is almost entirely made of diamonds.

    In addition to the classic round cut, there are many other shapes from oval, square or rectangular to more unusual shapes such as the pear or the heart shape.  However, when it comes to a 1 ct diamond, the classic shapes are more suitable while the spectacular shapes such as the heart or the pear look best when larger carat diamonds are used.

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    What are the factors that determine the price of a 1 carat engagement ring?

    The price of an engagement ring, whether a 1 carat diamond or any other carat weight, is a combination of the price of the precious metal and the diamonds. Except for very small stones, the diamond makes up the lion's share of the total price.

    You shouldn’t cut back on the material: a high-quality and durable gold alloy such as 750 gold or the even more robust alternative, 950 platinum, are recommended. The ring should last for a lifetime so the right precious metal  will ensure that you will enjoy the ring for a long time.

    Halo engagement ring with central solitaire - Halo engagement ring with solitaire and pavé diamonds on the ring band
    The price of colourless diamonds is determined by 4 characteristics, the so-called 4 C’s: carat, colour, clarity and cut. The larger the diamond, the better cut and clarity, the more expensive it is. So even if two diamonds are of the same carat weight, the other three characteristics also play an important role in determining the price. The difference in price could be considerable. For example, a flawless diamond could quickly cost twice as much as a diamond with minimal inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye.

    You can make clever savings here if you choose the wonderful white grade G or H instead of the colour D or E and eye-clean clarity VS2/SI1 instead of the flawless IF/FL grade. When the diamond is set in an engagement ring and is looked at without a jeweller's loupe, it is hard to find visual differences despite the price difference. When you considered your budget, you should know that for a high-quality engagement ring with 1 carat diamond, you should plan around €5,000.

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