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BAUNAT is the leading online jewellery brand specialized in diamond solitaire engagement rings. We create timeless designs that unveil the natural beauty of diamonds. For every purchase our experts select only the highest quality diamonds. When our artisans have finished your jewel, you will see that all our efforts are invested in quality. At BAUNAT, you do not pay for prestige, inefficiencies or intangible elements which are not reflected in your purchased jewel. Our commitment is to offer the best value for your money.  Every diamond jewel we offer is exceptionally priced.

BAUNAT goes above and beyond to deliver what it promises, witnessed by more than 1500 client testimonials praising our unmatched prices, best price quality, fast deliveries and excellent service. Choosing a diamond jewel by BAUNAT is 'Smart in Every Way'.

1. Why does BAUNAT have the best price-quality ratio for high quality diamond jewellery?
2. Handmade in Antwerp

3. 20 year product guarantee, supported by the unique Responsibility Mark.
4. Consistent use of the best materials and diamonds
5. How much does the delivery cost and are these costs additional?
6. What are your delivery time commitments?
7. The right to change your mind



1. Why does BAUNAT have the best price-quality ratio for high quality diamond jewellery?


We invest in outstanding quality (in materials as well as design and finishing touch), but also in efficiency and do everything possible to avoid unnecessary intermediaries. No expensive marketing campaigns, luxurious offices and retail outlets. Our investment will be immediately seen in the BAUNAT diamond jewellery.

BAUNAT is based in Antwerp, renowned since 1447 as world centre of the diamond trade. Over half of the world's diamond trade takes place in Antwerp. The families behind BAUNAT have selected their diamonds directly from the best suppliers of the world since over 100 years.

BAUNAT buys its diamonds directly from the source, and sells its exquisite diamond jewellery collection online and in its offices to the client.Thanks to stockholders amongst the largest diamond dealers, Baunat can buy directly and at excellent value its stones from the most important diamond stocks. 

Direct buying and selling, avoiding the middleman, combined with a strict stock management, allows BAUNAT to offer the best and largest selection at the best price-quality ratio.

And last but not least: as more than 90% of our clients buy online (via our 7-lingual E-boutique, where clients can pay in 4 currencies and via a large variety of payment methods), we are able to handle very cost efficiently a fast growing customer base across the world (today BAUNAT sells to more than 50 countries), without having to invest in a large contingent of luxurious retail outlets and corresponding overheads. And this enables us to propose also this same exceptional price-quality to clients who choose to visit us in our showrooms in Antwerp, Paris & Geneva.

In short, BAUNAT promises its clients that its prices are in close correlation with the intrinsic cost of the underlying components & used material of the products on offer.


2. Handmade in Antwerp


Antwerp is home to the finest and most talented craftsmen in the diamond industry. The mastery of the craft is passed on from father to son. The experience, passion and skills in the Antwerp diamond district are incomparable to any other city in the world. Therefore, it needs no further explanation as to why BAUNAT chooses to create its fine diamond jewellery and high quality engagement rings by hand in the city of diamonds.

Local production enables us to closely oversee and efficiently organize the production of our diamond jewellery. This is a prerequisite for BAUNAT, as we offer very fast deliveries. Our entire team works in close cooperation and is focused on delivering high quality jewellery worthy of the city of Antwerp and the exceptional BAUNAT quality standard.


3. 20 year product guarantee, supported by the unique Responsibility Mark.


Every piece of jewellery carries the unique Responsibility Mark, a legally-recognised quality guarantee which allows international identification. The Responsibility Mark was granted to BAUNAT by the Royal Belgian Mint. Every purchase is accompanied by a 'BAUNAT jewel certificate', which stands for the quality of your jewel's design, material and manufacture. 

Finally, BAUNAT gives all its customers a 20 year guarantee against hidden flaws in its jewellery.


4. Consistent use of the best materials and diamonds


BAUNAT only works with 18 carat gold (75% gold – alloy 'Au750') and platinum 950 (95% platinum – alloy 'Pt950').

BAUNAT only offers 100% natural diamonds. This means no treated, artificial or clarity intensified diamonds.

BAUNAT only uses high quality diamonds in its jewels. For each piece of jewellery that holds a diamond equal to or over 0.3 carats, you receive a certificate of a recognised diamond laboratory, with a description of your stone's 4 C's. For more info, click here


5. How much does the delivery cost and are these costs additional?


BAUNAT takes upon itself to cover the delivery costs to any country of destination, and these costs are therefore not added to your bill.

Moreover, all our shipments are insured until you sign for their reception. Also these insurance costs are carried by BAUNAT and are not added to your bill.

BAUNAT works with very reliable and efficient delivery couriers. It is our will to deliver every order, wherever in the world, in pristine condition and as fast as possible.


6. What are your delivery time commitments?


After having received your payment on our account, our craftsmen in Antwerp manufacture your diamond jewel by hand. This allows us to offer the high artisanal quality that BAUNAT stands for. By creating unique jewels by hand, we can finish the jewel much more in detail, and reach a clearly visible higher quality compared to a jewel of mass production.

In very few cases, the jewel or loose diamond is in stock in the showroom, and can be taken immediately with you after we have received your payment.

BAUNAT promises to deliver its jewels listed on in excellent condition and as fast as possible to clients all over the world. Delivery will usually take from 1 to maximum 8 working days in Belgium and most European countries, and 4 to 10 working days in the rest of the world. For a tailor-made design jewel, you need to calculate approximately 4 working weeks.


7. The right to change your mind


BAUNAT aspires to its clients’ total satisfaction. Thanks to our satisfaction guarantee, you may reconsider your purchase during 30 days after reception of the jewel. During this time, you may return your purchase without any justification and will be refunded its price or you can exchange it for another jewel and the difference in price will be settled.

If you're looking to return your purchase jewel, please contact us through the following return form. If you want to return your jewel, we'll complete a refund for you once we receive the jewel back in our headquarters in Antwerp. Therefore, we need to know the order number of the purchase that your return is related to, so please make sure that your return form is filled out completely.


Staring from the reception, you have 30 days to return your jewel. Once these 30 days are expired, a return is no longer possible.


All standard jewels, as they are shown on The 30 day return policy is not valid on Tailor Made, jewellery with prices on request and customized and/or personalized jewellery.


To return your order, please send your jewel, with a courier service of your preference (such as FedEx), to our headquarters in Antwerp.

If you wish to return your jewel from outside the EU, there is a procedure to follow to make sure you don't have to pay additional taxes. Please read the following information carefully.

The costs of the shipment to our Office in Antwerp and the return shipment costs to the clients’ delivery address are not covered by BAUNAT.


We advise the client to treat the jewellery with care and to send the jewel(s) back in their original packaging (not mandatory), complete with all documents and certificates. After we have received the jewel in our headquarters in Antwerp, the jewel will be submitted to a quality control by our Product Manager.

In the unlikely event that an item is returned to us in an unsuitable condition, a compensation may be required. In case the lack of original packaging, documents, certificates or damage of the jewel leads to a depreciation of the jewel, BAUNAT can claim a damage compensation equivalent to this depreciation.

After the quality control, we will contact you to verify your bank account details, once you have confirmed your bank account details we will issue your refund. All refunds are handled as soon as possible in a first in, first out manner. It may take up to 10 working days for the funds to reach your account, depending your bank or card issuer.

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