Star diamond earrings are ideal as a Christmas present because whether you are religious or not, the star is the perfect symbol for the holiday season. The star represents the snowflakes as well as the stars in the sky at night.

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The Christmas star

The story about the Christmas star can be found in the Bible, it symbolises the star of Bethlehem, the very star that is said to have guided the three kings, or three wise men, to baby Jesus. The star is also considered in various religions the heavenly sign of prophecy that was fulfilled long ago, and it is the hope for humanity.

Whether you are religious or not, the star has always been considered a guiding light. In the darkest of nights, the shining stars may help you find your way and direction. Although you may not know the constellations, we have all heard of the North Star, also called Polaris, that marks the way north. Contrary to beliefs, Polaris is not the brightest of stars, but it is easy to find. And once you have found Polaris, you will have found your way, because if you face the North star and stretch your arms sideways, your right arm will point east, and your left arm will point west.

Star diamond earrings

Star diamond earrings are an ideal present for Christmas because of what they symbolise as mentioned above, the guiding light, but also because they are sparkling and are reminiscent of snowflakes, which are also a great reminder of Christmas and the holidays.

You could choose beautiful dangling earrings set with diamonds in a shape of a star, or maybe exquisite earrings that show a myriad of little stars just like the sky at night.

Whichever design you decide to buy, star diamond earrings will be perfect as a gift for your loved one, but also for a family member or a friend that symbolically need to find their way.

Have you already found the star diamond earrings for your loved one? Look no further as BAUNAT has some lovely pieces of jewellery that have been created and inspired by the stars and the holiday season. Do not hesitate to browse through the online catalogue or to contact us directly should you have any queries.

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