• Which of my own character traits can make finding the right dress challenging?
  • Who can make sure I pick the right dress?
  • How do we plan the search?

That diamond engagement ring around your finger feels like an accomplishment in and of its own but in reality, it is only the beginning. The search for a wedding dress in particular can be quite the challenge, especially when certain character traits cloud your judgement. Who can I take to help me pick the perfect wedding dress to match my diamond ring?

Which of my own character traits can make finding the right dress challenging?

Your engagement is accompanied by its fair share of enthusiasm and joy. Those are without a doubt the perfect emotions for such an occasion, but they rarely help when searching for a wedding dress. They make you excited about everything, including the wrong dress. Make sure you consider your companion’s opinion without selling yourself short. Curiosity and an active imagination are two other valuable character traits that can hinder your search, namely because they will have you constantly curious about the next dress. Slow down and consider every single dress you try on to make sure that you do not dismiss the perfect dress.

Planning and organising your whole day beforehand helps in every situation. Make sure you make appointments in bridal shops of your taste for efficiency and enjoy your stress-free day.

Who can make sure I pick the right dress?

To channel your enthusiasm in the right direction, the more excited bride will need a clear-headed personality in the search for the perfect dress. They will simultaneously make sure the dress matches your personality, style and diamond ring for the perfect effect. You will have to be certain this person will not try to invalidate your opinion in favour of a more sensible option. Your curiosity is easily curbed by a steady decision maker. They can keep your attention in the here and now all the while respecting your opinion.

At times, the search for your dreamed wedding dress can be so passionate, it is easy to get carried away. Always remember it is supposed to be a pleasant and relaxing experience and to take someone who can enjoy it as much as you can.

How do we plan the search?

Start by researching what type of dress you like. You should always take into account if it will fit well with you diamond ring, which colour matches your skin tone and which form flatters your body shape. Be careful, however, not to get too attached to a certain type of dress. Your dream dress might not be everything you thought it would be in real life. Be prepared but stay flexible. Make appointments with different shops to make sure you get the best personal service and some privacy when looking for the most important dress you will ever wear. Lastly, do not forget to accessorise, but make sure your diamond ring stays the focal point by choosing subtle bridal jewellery that complements the ring.

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