• Which of my own characteristics can make choosing more difficult?
  • Who can help me choose the right dress?
  • How are we going to proceed?

The engagement ring on your finger may feel like half the work is already done, but in reality it’s really only just starting. The search for the right wedding press can particularly be a significant challenge, when certain personality traits can make choosing quite hard work. Who do I take with me to make finding the perfect dress that little bit easier?  

Which of my own characteristics can make choosing more difficult?

Your engagement will undoubtedly go hand in hand with plenty of enthusiasm and joy. This can complicate matters when choosing a wedding dress. After all, you’re going to be very enthusiastic about everything, possibly including the wrong dress. So do pay attention to the opinion of whoever is accompanying you, without being too accommodating. Curiosity and an active imagination are also very good qualities. However, they can result in you continuing to be curious about new dresses and ultimately making it difficult for you to make your choice without feeling like you’re potentially missing out on an even better dress.

Effective planning and careful organisation of the wedding dress can already start by making sure the shopping experience runs as efficiently as possible. However, do make sure it’s still a relaxing trip out too.

Who can help me find the right dress?

Your best bet is to take a down to earth person with you, making sure your enthusiasm and cheerfulness is pushed in the right direction. Someone who is just as enthusiastic as you, but who can also keep his or her cool and form an objective opinion. Paying careful attention to the fact his person will always respect your preferences. It will be best to choose someone who can quickly and easily make decisions, in order to keep your curiosity in check. This person can ensure you won’t instantly be thinking of the next dress whilst you’re looking at another one, but that you’ll carefully consider each and every one.

You can sometimes be looking for your dream dress so passionately that you forget this is supposed to be a relaxing and fun experience. So make sure you take someone who understands how exciting it is, but who can still create some calm too.

How are we going to proceed?

Start with a clear image of your ideal wedding dress where the colour, material and cut are concerned, but keep an open mind. Your dream image sometimes can’t be turned into reality, whilst another type of dress may well be completely perfect for you. So be prepared, but flexible. Also make sure you make appointments at bridal shops of your choice. This will ensure you are going to be given the required assistance. Make sure you keep your type of engagement ring in mind when choosing your accessories. One with a coloured diamond would not suit being combined with jewellery in other colours.

Plus you will obviously want to put the emphasis on your engagement ring, without it getting lost in a sea of other jewellery. Where can I find the perfect jewellery to complement my engagement ring? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice.

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