What symbolic presents are there? Not sure what present you would give for the first Communion or confirmation for your child, grandchild or godchild? To make these milestones in life truly unforgettable, you want to send a significant present. This special day should not go unmarked. Many parents give their child a slightly more grown-up present to underline this important transition. How about a diamond bracelet for your child's first Communion? What type would you go for? A link bracelet, satellite bracelet, tennis bracelet, cuff bracelet, or one with a flower or butterfly motif? Get more ideas for a Communion present, and order the most suitable confirmation bracelet online at the same time.

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During the sacrament of the solemn Communion mass, children are given a necklace with a cross - BAUNAT

What is first Communion all about?

When we talk about "Communion," various meanings come to mind. First Communion is usually celebrated at the age of 6 or 7. It is a sacrament marking that big step towards professing Christian faith. The child can receive the "Lord's Supper", or Communion (host), for the first time.
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The solemn Communion mass, or Holy Confirmation, is usually celebrated at the end of 6th grade (your child is then 11 or 12 years old). The child receives the Holy Spirit through being anointed on the forehead. This step can also be taken at a later age by adults who did not go through confirmation when they were younger. Communion is seen as a bond with Christ, because from then on Christians attend Communion regularly (receiving the host during mass).
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What traditions are associated with Communion?

A few months before the solemn mass of the first or Holy Communion, the communicants come together in the catechesis class. Here, they learn more about the Christian faith, and about Jesus, in a child-friendly way. They learn about the values of Christianity, such as respect for fellow human beings and cooperation.

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During mass, songs, music and readings with prayers are part of the celebrating the Eucharist. The child is given a necklace with a cross at the confirmation or solemn Communion. Following which, the family often gets together. An iced lamb-shaped cake with raspberry coulis inside is cut open by the child. The "bleeding lamb" symbolises Jesus, who takes away the sins of man.
Children also learn about relationships, respect and values during an alternative ceremony.
Two children dressed up and ready for their first Communion - BAUNAT
More and more, parents and children are choosing to celebrate "lentefeest", a spring festival, which is separate from their faith. The significance is the same as the Christian celebration: celebrating a milestone or transition in your child's life. Children also learn about relationships, respect and values during this ceremony.

What symbolic presents are there?

These important moments in the life of the believer or non-believer are marked by symbolic presents. Usually these are items that your child will have with them for the rest of their life in order to keep the Christian faith close by. Jewellery with a cross, a locket or a bible are common as presents. A personalised bracelet is also appropriate for Communion. You can adapt the jewellery according to the significance you attach to that particular turning point in your son or daughter's life.

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Which jewellery is suitable for a first Communion present?

Which jewellery do you give as a gift for a first or solemn Communion? Jewellery is certainly not just for adults. A child can and does also look beautiful with jewellery. What trends in Communion jewellery have our experts noticed in recent years? They are usually not that far apart. Here are some of the highlights as regards Communion.
Young girl getting her ears pierced at the jeweller's and getting her first pair of earrings. - BAUNAT

  • An engraved bracelet: have a lovely bracelet engraved with the communicant's name and date when the Communion was held. This means your child will always have a souvenir of the first Communion.

  • A pair of diamond stud earrings: many girls who did not have pierced ears prior to their first Communion, get their first-ever pair of earrings for their Communion. Inconspicuous stud earrings are ideal to start with.

  • A personalized name tag: babies are often given a bracelet with their name on. A necklace would be too dangerous for babies. It is, of course, fine from the age of 6.

  • A medallion: for many children, grandma or grandpa is their true hero. A lovely Communion present would be a locket with a photo of grandma and grandpa inside.

Which bracelet should I give someone as a Communion or "lentefeest" present?

When you give a bracelet for your child's Communion, you can include Christian symbol, or have a personal message engraved on. For example, you could choose a charm bracelet with a crucifix for Communion. At each subsequent milestone, you can give your child a new, significant diamond charm.

A link bracelet is a good idea for first Communion, so the bracelet can grow as your child grows. By adding a few links you can easily make the bracelet a few sizes larger.

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Can I give a bracelet to both girls and boys?

White gold is a neutral colour, suiting both boys and girls. The bracelet design can, of course, be adapted to suit your son or daughter's taste. Girls usually choose slim bracelets with a motif, such as a cross,  butterfly or flower for their Communion. Chunky links or black diamonds make the bracelet somewhat more cool for boys.

White gold: a precious metal suitable for a first Communion present?

White gold symbolises divinity, spirituality and purity. In the Christian world, we often find white gold in religious and mythological paintings. This precious metal also represents heavenly light and perfection. The combination of purity and solemnity in white gold bracelets can therefore be perfectly reconciled with the meaning of Communion and the milestone attached to it.

You could also decide on a precious metal resembling white gold in colour, but which is slightly more durable. Platinum, just like white gold, has a silver appearance. White gold contains 75% gold, while platinum is pure platinum ore, making it hypoallergenic. Children who are allergic to nickel can certainly wear a platinum bracelet for their Communion without issue.

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What do I give the godparents?

Of course, Communion day is devoted entirely to the communicant. They are showered with congratulations and presents. But there are several other people who also deserve to be honoured. The parents may well not be overlooked, but the godparents also play an important role. They are yourchild's support and mainstay. Reason enough to buy a present for the godparents at the Communion.
Surprise the proud godparents with diamond jewellery
 Man is sitting in the car and is wearing cufflinks. Cufflinks are a good gift for the godfather at a Communion - BAUNAT
Choose a bracelet for the godmother, therefore, in the same style as that of the communicant. Another option is a locket with a Communion photo of your child inside: the perfect souvenir of a first or solemn Communion, so the godmother can always keep her godchild close to her heart.

You could also surprise the godfather with a bracelet, or even go for something completely different. A magnificent gold watch from the BAUNAT collection is perfect for this occasion. Of course, you could also order a beautiful pair of cufflinks, too. These complete a smart look.

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Which bracelet captured your heart?

Should you choose a bracelet, or some other jewel, as a Communion present? One thing is certain: whatever BAUNAT jewellery you choose, it will be an unforgettable experience for the communicant. Giving a bracelet for a Communion preset is always a smart idea. Every time the child puts on the bracelet each morning, they will be able to think back to that beautiful day and to you who donated the jewellery.

So, order a beautiful bracelet from our collection now or contact the BAUNAT experts for more information.

What else should you know about bracelets?

It is clear, meanwhile, that a bracelet is an excellent present for a Communion. And because children's wrists are not yet fully grown, it is best to go for a slim bracelet. But do you also know the difference between the various types, and their - sometimes intriguing - history? And how do you know which bracelet best fits your personality and taste? Find out here.
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