The selection of engagement rings is very large, and in recent years white gold has become the most popular material. When it comes to diamonds in engagement rings for the most popular choice is a stone between 1 and 2 carat. Find out why this combination is perfect for an engagement ring.

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Why is white gold a good choice for an engagement ring?

In contrast to the classic yellow gold, which was the best-selling variant over decades, white gold looks a bit more modern and less classic. Its slightly cooler appearance is particularly suitable for engagement rings with angular designs, such as a 1.5 carat princess-cut diamond.

In addition, white gold underlines the clear radiance and sparkle of a colorless diamond, it has a neutral, silvery color that also emphasizes particularly well coloured gemstones or diamonds.
Engagement ring in white gold with 1.5 carat and other sizes - A selection of engagement rings with a 1.5- carat diamond and other diamond sizes
An alternative to white gold is platinum, a precious metal that is very similar in colour but even more robust. Whether white gold or platinum is the perfect choice- this depends on the pieces of jewelry with which the engagement ring is to be worn. White gold has a particularly strong sheen, while platinum looks a bit more matt and slightly grayish. Both precious metals are beautiful, but cannot be combined as easily as yellow gold and white gold.

Why is a 1.5- carat diamond the ideal size?

The question of how many carats an engagement ring diamond should have depends on one’s taste and available budget. While some women prefer a particularly large and representative stone, others prefer it more discreet. A carat weight of 1.5 is a good average.

As a solitaire, such a stone looks neither small nor excessively large and fits every finger and hand shape, regardless of whether it is delicate, slender, wide or large. The white gold engagement ring with a 1.5 carat diamond is priced slightly above the average budget for engagement ringsin Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but it is still affordable without large assets or high income.

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Halo engagement ring with central solitaire  - Halo engagement ring with solitaire and pavé diamonds on the ring band

What shapes and types of engagement rings are there?

The solitaire engagement ring is a very classic design, whether set with a 1.5 carat diamond or larger or smaller stones. A single, centrally set diamond that is a true eye-catcher. This type of ring makes up the lion's share of all engagement rings sold worldwide.

If you are looking for aring which is less traditional, there are many options. On the ring band, you can add small diamonds in a pavé setting, choose a trilogy engagement ring with three diamonds, or opt for a Halo around the solitaire.
Important to know: the carat weight on engagement rings reflects the carat weight of the largest diamond used in the ring. Information on other stones can be found in the product description. With a 1.5 carat Halo engagement ring, only the diamond in the middle weighs 1.5 carat, and the smaller diamonds that form the halo are added. Other providers sometimes only give the total weight of all diamonds. Be aware of this difference when comparing prices.

Since large diamonds are more scarce and expensive than small ones, be aware that the price of small diamonds which are in total 1.5 carat is much lower compared to a ring with one diamond of 1.5 carat.

Since large diamonds are more scarce and expensive than small ones, the price of an engagement ring with a total of 1.5 carats can vary greatly even though the diamond quality remains the same. This depends on how many diamonds of which size the total weight of the ring will be.

What determines the price of a 1.5- carat diamond?

The price of a colorless diamond is determined by the so-called 4C’s, that is carat, cut, clarity and colour. The larger a diamond, the more precise the cut and the proportions, the fewer inclusions and the whiter, the more extraordinary and correspondingly more expensive it is. These 4 characteristics are confirmed by the diamond's certificate, which should come from a reputable laboratory such as GIA, IGI or HRD.

You will find the best price-quality ratio with diamonds that are flawless to the naked eye, but which are not perfect. Such diamonds, e.g. with a VG cut, clarity SI1 / VS2 and colour G / H can only be distinguished by a professional from a much more expensive, flawless diamond with an excellent cut and color D / E.

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