• How to choose your wedding ring?
  • Add a unique style to your wedding ceremony
  • Make your wedding last all weekend

Do you want your wedding day to be different so that your guests keep great memories of your big day? Do you want your guests to feel comfortable and fully enjoy your wedding?

Choose your wedding ring wisely

Your wedding ring is the piece of jewellery you will wear for the rest of your life, so it must be perfect! Whether you want a traditional design or something more original, here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding ring for you. Read our article on how to use an online jeweller to buy your wedding rings.

If your choice is focused on precious metals, there are many metals available, all with different properties and styles. Yellow gold is very popular for wedding rings. Check out our website for models of yellow gold wedding rings. Contact BAUNAT for personalised advice.

Organise surprises for beautiful memories

If your wedding ceremony takes place on Saturday, you can hold a Sunday brunch to celebrate the wedding with family and friends. You can make your wedding ceremony last all weekend.

You can also use fresh flower petals scattered on both sides of the aisle instead of the traditional carpet. Once the ceremony is over, you can invite your guests to board a bus and accompany you to take off-site wedding photos. Read our tips on how to choose the perfect wedding ring for your marriage.

Are you looking to buy a wedding ring with the best quality/ price ratio? Do you want to find the ring that suits you? Ask for a quote online or contact Bijouterie BAUNAT experts by phone.

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