• What makes diamond rings the perfect birth present?
  • Which type of ring should I get?
  • How can I personalize the ring?

What do you get the woman who has just had your baby? Even though birth presents are a fairly recent phenomenon, many women have already come to expect a beautiful and often diamond gift after giving birth. What gift says it all? How can I make sure she loves it?

What makes diamond rings the perfect present? 

When your partner has just given birth, diamond rings make a classy and beautiful addition to the engagement and wedding rings you might have already given her. If you are not married, a ring representing the birth of your child is a lovely symbolic gesture with which to replace the wedding set. Diamond rings make for the perfect accessories and match every outfit, no matter what style. She can easily choose to wear it every day, or only take it out of the box on special occasions.

Most of all, diamond rings are easily combined into a set celebrating multiple births. One special ring for each child adds up to the most symbolically beautiful set she will ever own.

Which type of ring should I get?

The most important part of choosing the perfect diamond ring for your partner is making sure it matches her style and preferences. Would she prefer a set easily combined to symbolise all of her children and complementing her engagement ring on the other hand? Then stackable rings are exactly what you need. They beautifully unify into a seemingly single piece to represent your entire family. Would she like rings to wear alongside her engagement ring? Pick simple, elegant rings in different metals or have one or two tailor-made for the perfect combination.

Are you never planning on getting married? Do you only want one child? Perhaps your partner just prefers more extravagant pieces? Then cocktail ring is just the thing! Pick a bold or colourful statement that catches everyone’s eye and that adds gumption to even the simplest of styles.

How can I personalize the ring?

Push presents are most meaningful when you add your own special signature to the mix. Choosing different colours is an elegant way of making each ring as unique as the child it represents while still maintaining the unity of the family. Stackable diamond rings in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold each have their own air or sophistication but match each other and other jewellery seamlessly. When opting for a more extravagant cocktail ring, personal touches can easily be incorporated into the whole. Choose the birthstone of your child or children as the centre of attention and emphasise with diamonds all around.

Where can I find the perfect birth present for my partner? Who can help me pick the perfect ring? Contact the diamond jewellery experts at BAUNAT for a birth present she will adore.

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