• Which trends will please my guests?
  • Which 2018 trends are timeless newcomers?
  • What were we already doing which will remain timeless?

You can’t wait to slide that golden ring on her finger, but it goes without saying there is a great deal which needs to happen first. You will be planning, searching and personalising every aspect of your wedding in the run up to the big day, making sure it’s exactly how you want it to be. You already have your diamond wedding ring, now the rest. These trends will allow you to opt for style and you will be completely up to date for 2018.

Which trends will please my guests?

Even though your wedding day is completely about you, it goes without saying it’s also essential to specifically think about your guests during a significant portion of the wedding planning with stylish little details, which will perfectly fit in with the whole of your wedding vision whist still being entertaining too. Not too keen on the photo booth? Why not include tasteful polaroids on all tables, allowing your guests to record all aspects of your special day.

You can make your guests’ wait a little more enjoyable whilst you are involved with your photo session. Arrange to have your photographs taken once the reception has started and provide some free tasty snacks.

Which 2018 trends are timeless newcomers?

The wedding photographs you will take will become even more beautiful with unusual eye catchers on your wedding day. A close-up of your new golden ring should naturally form part of this too, but it doesn’t need to end there. Why don’t you arrange for an elegant photograph next to the charming little coffee cart or the beautiful Mini-auto bar? The personal touch is also present in 2018 into the finest details, with a chalkboard you can make yourself as a welcome sign, or replicas of your golden ring as napkin rings.

You also have the option of taking some stylish photographs of your jewellery beforehand, whilst still wrapped in the original gift packaging and sharing this with the guests or online.

What were we already doing which will remain timeless?

It’s not just the new trends which are gaining in popularity, trends you were already aware of will also remain timeless for your wedding. Of course you already knew that the golden ring is still a classic. But other traditional choices also make regular comebacks. For example, it’s still a beautiful gesture to also provide your guests with some delicious snacks at night. You can again opt for a tasty mixture of snacks which can be perfectly in line with the tone set for the rest of your day. That golden ring is just for you, but all of your surroundings can enjoy your day with you.

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