• If you are allergic to nickel, opt for platinum or gold.
  • Choose a gold ring based on the shape of your hands and fingers.
  • Your skin tone, too, influences your choice for which type of gold.

Such an enormous selection of rings! You are spoiled for choice regarding shape, material, setting etc. But how do you find your perfect ring? Do you pick what you like best? Or does one ring look better around your finger than another? To ensure you and your ring shine, you need to keep a couple of factors in mind. Continue reading to discover how you can effortlessly find the gold, platinum or engagement ring that suits you best.

Keep possible allergies in mind

We already mentioned the gold ring and we did so for a reason. To find a ring that you will enjoy wearing for a long time, you need to keep possible sensitivities and allergies in mind. Did you know that approximately 10% of the population has a nickel allergy? In that case, platinum or gold are the best option. However, nickel is sometimes used together with yellow gold to produce white gold. This is such a small amount though, that normally no allergic reaction will occur. If you have some reservations, go for platinum.

Look at your hands

Do you have larger or smaller hands? Smaller hands demand a finer ring, while you could opt for a more extravagant design when your hands are larger. If you have broad fingers, too, this rule applies. If you have slender fingers, you should pick a smaller golden ring with little diamonds. With long fingers you can do as you please, unless you are incorrigible nail biter. In that case, you should avoid drawing to much attention to your hands. Choose for a fine, subtle gold ring that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Warm and cold

Indeed: to find the perfect gold ring, you also need to consider your skin tone. If your skin has a cooler undertone, a white gold ring will suits your finger perfectly. If you have a warmer skin tone, yellow gold will be your best choice. And red gold? Jewels in red gold, also called rose gold, suit every skin tone. The past couple of years, this colour has gained popularity again and is often chosen by women with red hair or women that love the vintage look.

Of course, your personal taste and style remain the deciding factor. When you follow your intuition and are proud of your new shining acquisition, you will shine as well. Would you like to accentuate your new gold ring even more? Click here to read about our nail polish tips. Feel free to contact us for more information regarding the perfect gold ring or any other kind of jewellery. 

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