• Why would I buy diamond jewellery for him?
  • What do I pay attention to when choosing the details?
  • Which accessories are useful for me?

It’s a proven fact that people subconsciously attach a great deal of value to their appearance. Presentation can be very important, especially in a professional context. The right accessories as a finish can also make a huge difference to men. Discover what they can do for you here.

Why would I buy diamond jewellery for men?

We have seen a significant increase in accessories for men in recent years. Many successful men in executive positions opt for subtle details which complement their outfit and a specific occasion. The right details can make a huge difference from a professional point of view. Research has shown that competent people often miss opportunities in the work field as they don’t exude the right image.

Business smart or business casual may seem like the obvious dress codes, but this isn’t always the case. Take every possible opportunity by choosing the right accessories for your business outfit.

What do I pay attention to when choosing the details?

  1. Which materials do I choose?

The materials you decide to go for will depend on your personal style. Are you classic? Then you need to choose timeless materials, such as small diamonds and sleek metals like platinum. Buying diamond jewellery naturally doesn’t just need to be limited to classic items of jewellery, but can also include typically male items like tie pins and cufflinks. Does your work environment also appreciate a more informal look? Why not combine a waistcoat with modern bracelets and a watch in natural materials.

Leather cuffs and wooden beads can make a casual chic impression. They will ensure you look well-groomed and professional, without exaggerating.

  1. Which items can I effectively combine?

As a rule you shouldn’t combine styles, but you can combine various different colours in your accessories. When should I wear natural wooden details? When your watch has a leather strap. Are you going to opt for a platinum tie pin, or cufflinks with small diamonds? Then any other items should also be made of precious metals.

  1. How do I choose accessories for the right occasion?

Which details should you wear on which occasion? Your outfit will tell you. Formal events demand a more classic and subdued style. Small details in small quantities is key. Are you going for a little extra with diamonds on your cufflinks? Then you would be best off keeping the rest clean.

Which accessories are useful for me?

Details which are useful will prove to be the best kind of investment. Are you going for a platinum tie pin? It won’t just beautifully keep your tie in place, you can also enjoy the platinum’s intrinsic value. This value will increase with time, a smart investment on your tie and in your safe. Buying diamond jewellery is also a valuable diversification of your portfolio.

How can I buy diamonds which are both stylish and a valuable investment for my portfolio? Ask BAUNAT’s diamond experts for advice for the perfect accessories.

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