• How much do people buy online these days?
  • How is the diamond market reacting to this?
  • Which other digital novelties does the diamond industry use?

These days online shopping is simply part of everyday life. In fact, Comeos came to the conclusion last year that an impressive 50% of Belgians could no longer do without web shops. Plus Antwerp is naturally the ultimate diamond city. And the Belgian public benefits from this too.

How often do people currently buy online?

The same research conducted by Comeos shows that approximately 74% of Belgian regularly buy something online. These online shoppers will also increasingly return items and expect this to be done free of charge. Clothes, travel and electronics are the most popular purchases. This proves Belgians certainly won’t shy away from spending quite a bit of money on luxury products via the internet. E-commerce is also becoming safer in relation to its exponential growth. New legislation and additional efforts around combating fraud have made online purchases very safe.

These increasingly stricter safety measures have also resulted in the fact that e-commerce can continue to grow.

How has the diamond market reacted to this?

No market can stay behind with such striking trends. That’s why it’s certainly also possible to quickly and simply buy diamonds online. Buying diamonds online doesn’t just offer all sorts of general e-commerce advantages where the speed and convenience is concerned, there are also a number of sector-specific advantages. In addition, you can go to your trusted diamond trader for all your online diamond purchases anywhere in the world. A major advantage when investing in something of significant value like this.

You can enjoy this value even more when you purchase diamonds online. The absence of a physical retailer means you will pay a great deal less online than you would at a physical jeweller.

Which other digital novelties does the diamond industry use?

Specialised online platforms for buying diamonds are not the only digital niche where the diamond industry has a presence. Antwerp already launched the ‘Antwerp loves diamonds’-app in 2015. The app offers information and interesting facts about diamonds in an impressive 8 different themes. Even though you will also be given purchasing tips, you can’t make an actual purchase here. But it does allow you to go through the entire purchasing process for your diamonds online. You can conduct your own research beforehand via the app and website, after which you can decide to make a purchase.

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