There is always a perfect occasion to gift jewellery and diamonds, be it a birthday, a jubilee, a successful graduation, a promotion or, of course, an engagement. But which jewel fits which occasion?

Subtle jewel for everyday wear

A jewel should not just be safely stored in a jewellery box; above all, it should be worn! Apart for on special and unique occasions such as an engagement, subtle but high-quality jewellery, like a semi-carat diamond ring in a timeless design is a perfect choice. This type of jewel can easily be combined with a casual outfit, but is also perfect to add a finishing touch to your business look or elegant evening dress. Beautifully wrapped, a diamond ring is a gift that surely will never be forgotten.

A small gift for in between

Did she have her ears pierced? Perfect, because earrings, such as these ear studs with small diamonds, are a perfect small and budget-friendly gift for in between. Think about the jewellery she normally wears when choosing yellow gold, white gold, red gold or platinum. This ensures that the earrings can be combined easily with the jewellery she already owns. A big advantage: you do not have to measure the ring size as with a diamond ring. Earrings always fit.

Unique occasion, unique stone

For once-in-a-lifetime occasions, such as graduation, round-number birthdays, an engagement or a wedding anniversary, your gift should have that little something extra. After all, you do not want to appear stingy or as if you do not appreciate the occasion sufficiently. A good choice, for example, would be a 1 carat diamond ring with small diamonds that add the finishing touch to the design. A ring like this would make any woman happy, a gift with which you cannot go wrong.

The right setting

A beautiful gift deserves a worthy setting. Invite your loved one to dinner in a posh restaurant, plan a relaxing wellness weekend or simply look for an exceptional location that fits the occasion. At your silver wedding, for example, you could choose the spot where you proposed to her all those years ago. Give free rein to your creativity, the ideal place is where she feels particularly happy.

If you need assistance with choosing the perfect gift or if you wish to receive a personal quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. The BAUNAT team is happy to advise you.

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