Every year we celebrate Mother's Day around the world. In France, it is on the last Sunday of May. In Belgium and Switzerland, it is on the second Sunday of May. Even if the date changes from one country to another, the goal remains the same: to tell your mom how much you love her.

As a child, it is a tradition to offer your mom a necklace, shells and other colorful things, but growing up the question arises as to what gift to choose to please your dear and certainly unique mom. So the choice is naturally focused on a pair of diamond earrings, a pendant or a bracelet. The jewel is the perfect timeless gift that one can offer to their dear mother.

A tailor-made gift, the perfect present for a unique mom

If you want to show your mom how much you love her and really want to make her happy, then you should be tempted by a personalized BAUNAT jewel. A tailor-made jewel is THE perfect gift for Mother's Day.

On the website of BAUNAT, you can express your wishes in terms of tailor-made jewelry. For example, you can choose the shape or material. Your mom will then wear a unique jewel that you have offered to her.

The heart-shaped pendant, the perfect shape for a mom you love

In terms of the shape of the pendant, you should be looking for a symbolic form that recalls the emotional ties between a child and their mother.

If you want a classic look, a heart-shaped jewel remains the symbolic timeless jewel. The heart is the symbol of eternal love, it is found in all kind of materials: diamond, gold, silver, precious gemstones ... The heart-shaped pendant is perfect to express all the love one has for a person they cherish.

Concerning the pendant material, our choice will be a diamond pendant because diamond is a rare and noble material, suitable for a great gift on Mother's Day. Ask a BAUNAT expert to advise you on the different kinds of diamonds that may exist.

In conclusion, a ring, a pendant or earrings are perfect gift ideas for Mother's Day. Either set with diamonds or not, budget will have to be prepared accordingly. The jewel is the perfect gift for Mother's Day, and you will find a wide range of choice within the BAUNAT catalog. 

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