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Which gold jewellery with diamonds do you love to wear the most?

Which gold jewellery with diamonds do you love to wear the most?

  • Gold jewellery can be found in all kinds of shapes and styles.
  • You can choose between white, yellow, red gold and platinum.
  • Gold jewellery with diamonds literally puts you in the spotlight.

Did you know that the first ever gold jewellery dates from 3000 BC? Even though present jewellery looks very different from the past, the fascination for gold and diamonds remained throughout the centuries. How can it be otherwise? Gold jewellery with diamonds radiates elegance, style and refinement. Whether you choose yellow, white or red gold: your gold jewellery with diamonds makes you shine and emphasizes your personality. Which gold jewellery with diamonds do you love to wear the most? Let’s take a look at the different possibilities and let yourself be seduced by your online jeweller. 

  • Flower ring in yellow gold with a round emerald and side diamonds From USD 2.110
    (excl. VAT)
  • 2.00 carat solitaire diamond ring in yellow gold From USD 1.100
    (excl. VAT)
  • 1.50 carat solitaire ring in yellow gold with side diamonds From USD 2.500
    (excl. VAT)
  • 1.00 carat solitaire ring (half set) in yellow gold with yellow side diamonds From USD 3.180
    (excl. VAT)

A gold ring around your finger

A ring symbolizes infinity because of its round shape. That is why the gold ring has always represented marriage. Of course, you do not have to wait until marriage to wear gorgeous gold jewellery around your finger. Why don’t you treat yourself to a sparkling gold ring and buy yourself a jewel? When you look online at our extensive collection of gold rings with diamonds, it may seem endless. The classic gold ring has undergone a huge metamorphosis throughout the years. These days you can choose between yellow, white or red gold and platinum and numerous diamond settings. Thus, you will undeniably find a gold ring that suits your personality and style excellently. But why would you wear only one gold ring? You can perfectly mix and match different designs of gold rings. This is a fun trend that has gained popularity. 

Buying, receiving or gifting a gold necklace

The gold necklace for ladies has gained a couple new trends. We observe that yellow gold has made a comeback thanks to the popularity of vintage-inspired gold jewellery, and we also notice that various precious metals such as white gold, red gold and platinum are mixed and matched to one’s heart’s content. Have you discovered our collection of gold necklaces with diamonds, pendants and lockets yet? The ideal gold jewellery to carry your most precious moments close to your heart! It is very elegant too! Whenever you do not have the inspiration for a fun present for an anniversary, Mother’s Day or birthday, just think of these gold necklaces. In addition, you can also have a gold necklace or locket tailor made for an even more personal touch. 

The ultimate accessory: the gold bracelet

Since time immemorial, the gold bracelet is the ultimate accessory for ladies. In the past, such gold jewellery was a sign of wealth. Although everyone wears jewellery these days, you can still emphasize your personality with it. Are you looking for that little extra? Then opt for a diamond bracelet from our extensive collection. Diamonds give the finishing touch to your bracelet. That's why BAUNAT works exclusively with high quality diamonds that were carefully selected by experienced diamond jewellers. Regardless of whether you prefer yellow gold, white gold, red gold or platinum: in our online collection, you will only find gold jewellery made from the best materials. For your gold bracelet, we also work with 18 carat gold and 100% natural diamonds. Which gorgeous diamond bracelet will soon sparkle around your wrist?

No summer look without gold earrings

Our 18 carat gold earrings are also set with beautiful diamonds and are available in many different styles so you can always find a pair suitable to your taste and style. Did you know that there are 7 different face shapes? There is a perfect gold earring for every face shape. Let yourself be seduced by the most beautiful collection diamond earrings in yellow, white or red gold and platinum and make your choice online. Easy, isn’t it? Besides, gold earrings are the perfect summer accessory. Especially if they are adorned with diamonds that sparkle beautifully in the sunlight and will quite literally put you in the spotlight. An absolute must-have for a stylish woman!

You have probably noticed it already: our collection of gold jewellery and gold jewellery with diamonds is very extensive. Thanks to the handy choosing function, you are able to find your gold jewellery even easier online. Would you rather look at and try on your new jewellery at the jeweller? We would like to welcome you in one of our showrooms, on appointment only, both in Antwerp and in other cities. During your private visit to our showroom, our diamond experts will guide you in finding the perfect gold jewellery. Thus, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions for your jeweller, if you want to know more about the standard quality of BAUNAT jewellery or if you would like to visit us in Antwerp.

Written by: CHLOÉ POUPON-DUMONTET Diamond Jewellery Advisor

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