When you are about to buy a diamond, several factors may influence you in your decision-making process. These factors may include for instance: the budget you have at your disposal, managing expectations and the availability of diamonds. But the two factors we recognise in particular are the personal definition of beauty and the 4Cs of a diamond. These two factors seem to be the main components when choosing one diamond instead of another.

  • Your understanding of the 4Cs
  • Your personal definition of beauty

Your understanding of the 4Cs

Diamonds sold by a trusted seller will always be accompanied by a certificate from a recognisable laboratory that has graded the diamond according to a specific diamond grading system. This certificate gives you a good basis from which you can gather how a value is actually given to a diamond.

This value is mainly based on the results of the grading for the 4Cs of a stone. These are: colour, carat weight, clarity and cut of a diamond.

For example, is bigger better? When looking at the carat weight of a stone in terms of numbers, of course many people would prefer a bigger diamond. But sometimes you may wish to play with this a little, especially if you are slightly on a budget. Did you know that if you choose a diamond that is 0.90ct. instead of 1.00ct., you will not only pay less, but the two stones will also appear to be of the same size?

Diamond ring by BAUNAT with different sizes diamond for you to buy

Another example can be made with clarity. You may choose to buy an internally flawless diamond or a very slightly included diamond as you thrive for perfection. Or you may decide to buy a diamond that has minor inclusions that are not quite visible to the naked eye but are mainly visible on the certificate.

There is no right answer here, and it does only depend on you and your understanding and opinion on the 4Cs.

Your personal definition of beauty

At the end of the day, everyone has their very own views and definitions for various subjects and objects, and that includes their personal definition of beauty.

You may find that a pear diamond with a lovely commercial colour (G-H) and a carat weight of 0.75ct. looks absolutely beautiful. While another person may prefer a round diamond that is absolutely colourless (D) and has a rounded carat weight of 1.00 or 1.50ct. It is simply important that you buy a diamond that you like and that falls within the standards of beauty you have set for yourself.

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