• What wedding bands are traditionally Chinese?
  • How have their customs changed?
  • Which types of jewellery are currently popular in China?

Platinum diamond wedding bands are exponentially rising in popularity across the world, most notably in key diamond engagement ring markets India, Japan, the USA and China. How do platinum diamond wedding bands contrast to their traditional wedding customs? What does the Chinese jewellery market look like today?

What wedding bands are traditionally Chinese?

Wedding bands are a fairly modern concept within Chinese wedding customs. Traditionally, matches were not made by the future spouses, but by their families and hired match makers. Marriage was intended to serve societal and social goals by choosing family prosperity over personal happiness. The groom’s family picked a possible match and checked if she was of an auspicious birth date to wed their son. After both families approved, the groom’s family sent a ‘Grand Gift’ to the bride’s family as a betrothal gift. In response the bride’s family sent a slightly smaller dowry to the groom’s family, after which the engagement was official.

Wedding bands were not exchanged until in quite recent years the country started received more exposure from Western cultures. Although most couples are now choosing to exchange wedding bands, many of them do not wear them daily in order to protect them. That need for preservation is also a major reason durable platinum is most popular.

How have their customs changed?

Although these grand gifts are still exchanged, throughout the 20th century Western cultured seeped through into Chinese weddings more and more, resulting in traditional Chinese weddings being mixed up with Western customs. Red has been considered an auspicious colour in China for millennia and is therefore ubiquitously represented on the days surrounding the wedding and at the wedding itself. Chinese couples receive gifts in red envelopes, cover their houses in red cloth with symbolic embroidery and much more. Because of this symbolic meaning, many brides wear several wedding dresses throughout the day.

The official ceremony is often accompanied with a traditional red Chinese dress embroidered with gold, picturing mostly dragons and phoenixes. For the reception, brides often change into elaborate, typically Western white ballgowns. The third and final dress is usually a cocktail dress or evening gown after their own taste.

Which types of jewellery are currently popular in China?

Traditional Chinese jewellery tastes have differed from region to region throughout history, but jade and gold have stood out across the country for millennia. Jade was rarer and thus more precious than gold, which is why jade carving soon evolved into an exquisite art form. The exploding diamond market which allowed platinum diamond wedding bands and all other diamond jewellery to thrive, is more of an addition to the traditional Chinese luxury market than it is a replacement. Although platinum wedding bands open the door for a new generation of matching platinum jewellery for special occasions, jade will be forever adored for its history and legacy in Chinese jewellery.

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