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Which diamond pendant will soon sparkle on your necklace?

Which diamond pendant will soon sparkle on your necklace?

  • Opt for a stylish solitaire diamond that you can easily combine.
  • With a locket you can keep precious memories close to your heart.
  • A personalized diamond pendant is a unique gift.

These days you will find gold jewellery in all kinds of shapes, styles and precious metals. Finished with diamonds, they are of course very stylish. Which gold jewellery with diamonds do you love to wear the most? Today, all eyes are focused on your necklace. Because there is a perfect necklace for every skin tone and body shape, our collection of necklaces is very extensive. But one thing is certain: every woman falls madly in love with a gold necklace with a diamond pendant! Which diamond pendant will soon sparkle on your necklace?

  • Entourage pendant in white gold with oval sapphire and round diamonds From USD 3.190
    (excl. VAT)
  • 0.50 carat diamond satellite pendant in red gold From USD 1.650
    (excl. VAT)
  • 0.75 carat red golden solitaire pendant with round diamond From USD 1.830
    (excl. VAT)
  • 3.00 carat platinum solitaire pendant with pear shaped diamond From USD 1.840
    (excl. VAT)

Solitaire diamond pendant

Thus, the way you wear your diamond necklace is dependent of your body shape and skin tone as well. But of course, it is very important that you find your jewellery beautiful. It has to suit your personality and style. Do you love a classic style? And not too extravagant? Choose for a necklace with a solitaire diamond pendant. Classic, stylish and timeless. Moreover, a necklace with such subtle diamond pendant is easier to combine with different outfits. A short necklace with a diamond pendant is also easy to wear at the office, since it will not hit your desk while you are working.

Coloured diamond

Do you want something a bit more eye-catching? Then why don’t you buy a coloured diamond pendant? Certain colours are obviously rarer than others. But whatever colour you choose, your diamond pendant will attract all the attention! A long necklace with a coloured diamond pendant is the perfect accessory for a party or event. Are you going out in a little black dress? Then it will immediately give your outfit a touch of colour and a bit more ‘oomph’. Neat, isn’t it? For the office, such jewellery is, of course, less practical.


When you are comparing diamond pendants, a locket may catch your eye. This type of pendant gained popularity during the Victorian period. Then, this beautiful jewellery was gifted in memory of a precious loved one. Thanks to the gaining popularity of vintage inspired jewellery, the locket is making its comeback with all types of women. Would you like to keep a beautiful memory close to your heart? Then a locket from our exclusive ‘Medaillon D’Anvers’ collection is perfect for you. Beautiful to buy, to receive and to gift!

Personalized diamond pendant

Another heart-warming gift is a necklace with a personalized diamond pendant. Who does not like to receive such a personal and sparkling present? This is definitely a gift with which you will receive lots of credit on Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or a baby shower. Besides, you can choose between yellow, white and red gold. You are guaranteed to find a necklace that fits the style of the person for whom you buy this gift perfectly. Or are you buying a personalized diamond pendant for yourself? Why not!

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to necklaces and diamond pendants. Do you have any additional questions? Do not hesitate to contact us

Written by: CHLOÉ POUPON-DUMONTET Diamond Jewellery Advisor

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