A diamond engagement ring is essential to ask your partner to marry you. It is important to determine the type of diamond ring. BAUNAT is happy to help you with this quest.

Engagement rings in white gold

Engagement rings in white gold are very popular. This colour is caused by the fusion with other noble metals such as silver, palladium, or nickel. Furthermore, the colour is maintained by placing a layer of rhodium on the ring.
White gold fits perfectly with every style and lends itself to combinations with other jewels.

Engagement rings in yellow gold or red gold

Yellow golden or red golden engagement rings exude a rich, warm glow and make a great couple with any kind of diamond. For even greater strength and durability, the gold usually is blended with other metals such as silver or copper. Depending on the metal, the typical yellow or red color is created.

Engagement rings in platinum

A platinum engagement ring is a high quality alternative to a ring in white gold, yellow gold or red gold. It is the perfect symbiosis between finesse, durability and pure aesthetic beauty. The big advantage of a ring in platinum is that the intense white color will last forever, this unlike white gold which over time may have a light yellowish appearance. Diamond engagement rings in platinum are also suitable for people with a sensitive skin.

The most beautiful assortment of diamond engagement rings can be found at BAUNAT

If you start looking for an engagement ring for your partner, the best way is to buy a diamond engagement ring.
In the online shop of BAUNAT you will find an exceptionally sophisticated range of diamond engagement rings in white gold, yellow gold, red gold or platinum. This Belgian diamond jewellery brand has been the reference in the international diamond and jewellery sector, with offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Düsseldorf, Geneva, Hong Kong, London, Mumbai, Paris and Zurich.

The experts at BAUNAT will be happy to help you find out which engagement ring suits you and your partner the best.

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