Before you start searching for the perfect engagement ring, it's best to set a budget for yourself. The engagement ring market is huge and soon you won't see the forest through the trees. Setting a budget for your engagement ring will facilitate your search because both you and your jeweller can search more specifically. But what do you take into account when deciding on the budget?

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Solitaire diamond engagement ring

What determines the price of an engagement ring?

The average budget for an engagement ring depends very much on a number of factors, including the chosen materials. One of these materials is the precious metal.

To choose the perfect engagement ring, there are a number of possibilities for the precious metal. Often engaged couples opt for yellow gold because it has a classic, timeless look. In addition, you can also opt for an engagement ring in white gold, platinum or red gold.

There is also a lot to say about the carat weight of a diamond in an engagement ring, but worldwide the average is between 1.00 and 1.09 carats.  The higher the carat weight, the more the engagement ring will cost.

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Engagement ring without a diamond

Choose your budget

When buying an engagement ring, it is important that both you and your fiancée feel comfortable with the budget. So study your pay slip and savings to determine which price range you will be looking at for the perfect engagement ring.  In addition, take a look at your fiancée's lifestyle. If she is often wearing exclusive and expensive jewellery, her engagement ring should certainly not be inferior. If she is a very sporty type, she might prefer a more sober model that's less vulnerable?

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Alternatives on a smaller budget

Even on a smaller budget, you can still slide a beautiful engagement ring on your fiancée's finger. For example, if you leave out the diamond, your engagement ring budget will immediately be greatly reduced. A ring without diamonds is not necessarily boring, there are numerous designs without stone. If you still want a striking diamond, the halo ring might be just what you're looking for. The central diamond is set in a circle made of precious metal, so it appears larger on its own. Finally, you can also give her an engagement bracelet as a gift. This sober bracelet is a sign of infinite love and the ideal alternative for those who prefer not to wear an engagement ring.

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Engagement ring with a pear shaped diamond

Inspiration with a larger budget

If you have a rather large budget available, the possibilities are almost endless. For example, you can opt for a large central diamond or several small diamonds, but have you ever thought of other precious stones? Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are the most exclusive precious stones for your engagement ring. In addition, you can also opt for coloured diamonds, like the pink diamond.

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A diamond engagement ring as an investment

A diamond engagement ring is expensive, but a unique and precious piece of jewellery is also a good investment. Precious metals and precious stones like diamonds will never lose their value.  The stock of diamonds in the world is also not infinite, so the stones will become increasingly rare. A diamond engagement ring as an investment is certainly not a bad idea.

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If you have any questions about buying an engagement ring,

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