Whether you only have a few pieces of jewellery and watches or whether you have a whole collection of coins, cash and diamonds, it is important to consider how and where you are going to safely store these items. In a safe at home or at the bank?

  • Safe at Home?
  • Safe in the Bank?

Safe at Home

Over time, whether through inheritances or gifts, we all manage to collect a few valuable items in our homes. 

These can range from jewellery, golden BAUNAT watches, coins, diamonds & gemstones, gold and pieces of art. Some people even store money at home, just plain cash.

But what are the options to safe keep some of these valuables? First step we would recommend is getting an insurance to cover these items. The insurance company should give you the details of how to proceed, but usually you need to take photos of the items or ensure you have photos of yourself wearing the item or standing next to them. Then you need to make sure you keep any receipts, estimations and certificates that may have been made on the items.

Next step is purchasing a safe, where the size will depend on what you wish to use it for. Make sure you buy it from a reputable company and that you understand how it is used.

Safes are an excellent deterrent for possible thieves, as although some home safes may not be unbreakable, they may keep the thieves so busy that the police may reach your home while they are still busy trying to open it.

Safe in the Bank

If you do not like the idea of having your valuables at home, we would recommend renting a safe at the Bank. It’s a very straightforward process, you basically fill out some papers with your details and you rent the safe by the year. The prices may vary a little depending on the sizes available.

To open the safe, you are given a key and you choose a password. That is probably the safest option as you are the only person who will be let in by the bank and that can open the safe.

But one thing that may be considered negative is that you are dependent on the bank to access your safe, meaning you can only do so during opening hours and usually you need an appointment.

Looking for a new piece of jewellery to add to your collection? Or maybe you wish to invest in diamonds and include them in your safe? Look no further, BAUNAT has both and all and will be delighted to help you in your purchases.

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