Are you looking for a unique and meaningful gift for someone special? Then consider a pair of beautiful diamond earrings. You can find what you are looking for at a jeweller’s or online in a trustworthy webshop such as BAUNAT.

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Buying diamond earrings online

Nowadays, we all buy plenty of items online from various webshops. So, why not buy diamond earrings online too? It is safe, easy and you have an extensive range to choose from. BAUNAT also guarantees insured shipment and rapid delivery times

Diamond earrings that are bought online are the same quality as those you can buy in a physical shop. The online cost, however, will be lower than in a physical jewellery shop. Why is that? Direct purchase from the source, combined with direct sales via the internet and the elimination of  high store costs means prices are much lower. Buying a diamond online from BAUNAT is around 30 to 50 percent cheaper.

But you will only buy diamond earrings online if you have the necessary guarantees regarding the quality of the jewel, a suitable delivery system and a safe payment environment. Nowadays, the various payment systems are so advanced that it is almost completely safe to make more expensive purchases online.

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Buying diamond earrings from a jeweller

Before the emergence of online webshops, you would have paid a visit to a physical shop in order to select exclusive earrings. Once you had compared the various models in the display cabinet, you would have made a selection and asked to see them close up. An advantage of a physical jeweller is that you can hold your diamond earrings in your hand.. So, there are not doubts about size and weight. A potential disadvantage is that the jeweller may not have much time for you if the shop is busy. He may not be able to focus on you and/or answer all the questions you might have.

Buying diamond earrings in Antwerp

Buying diamonds is a smart and timeless investment, but diamond jewellery is also a stunning gift for an exceptional occasion. And where better to buy your unique gems than in the global city of diamonds? Antwerp has been known across the world, for centuries, as the top expert in diamonds.

The Diamond quarter is formed by the streets around the Central Station in Antwerp. In this square kilometre, you will find masses of jewellers and diamond traders. We can also find numerous diamond cutters in the city of Antwerp. When you buy a pair of diamond earrings in Antwerp, you can be sure that you are buying a top quality gem but also that the diamonds have been cut by the most experienced craftsmen in the world.

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The fact that Antwerp is full of diamond experts, however, could hamper your choice of a jeweller. That is why you are advised to choose your jeweller carefully. A diamond retailer who puts pressure on you to buy a diamond and who is serving multiple clients at the same time is more interested in selling than helping you. Plus, you will not only pay the price of the diamond itself, but also pay for the long journey it has made.

That is not the case with BAUNAT. Our unique market position at the source and our top quality online range, means that BAUNAT can offer an unparalleled price/quality ratio. Furthermore, we work on an appointment basis in our exclusive showrooms so you will always receive the best service.

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The reliability of BAUNAT.

All jewellery by BAUNAT is crafted by hand and exclusively manufactured using the highest qualityprecious metals and diamonds. You can admire our versatile collections in one of our specialised showrooms, but you can also find every piece online too. The perfect pair of diamond earrings can be found in our showroom in Antwerp, but also in our webshop.

At BAUNAT, you can buy the perfect diamond earrings online at an unbelievable price/quality ratio. Your earrings will be sent free of charge and with insurance. Not entirely delighted with your purchase? We offer you 30 days to make up your mind  about returning or exchanging your earrings, free of charge and with no questions asked.
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